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About the Chrysler Museum of Art

Our Studio: Glass as Art, Glass Art as Performance Art

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Our Glass Studio opened Nov. 2, 2011, and ever since has offered daily demonstrations, visiting artists, a full range of classes, and glass art as performance art.

Considering the Chrysler has one of America's top collections of glass art, the fit is perfect. Come visit.

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A Beautiful Facility for Weddings or Corporate Events

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We offer a magnificent setting supported by skilled event staff and preferred vendors.

Private functions can be held in the Museum, our gardens, or even the Glass Studio.

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One of the Best Collections for a Museum of Our

Over the years, a lot of people have contributed to the strength of our collection. The difference maker between our institution and other mid-sized museums was one of the greatest Museum gifts in American history. It came from Walter Chrysler, Jr.

One of America's Six Magnetic Museums, and from Charity Navigator, the Nation's Most Fiscally Responsible Museum in 2013.

Two authors searching for the most innovative American Museums settled on six prime examples, and we were one of the Magnetic Museums.

The nation's top philanthropic evaluator gives us its top rating, four stars, for how we handle your money. When Charity Navigator did its holiday gift guide in 2013, we were the country's top museum for fiscal management. For 2014 we earned another great score (94.8) but we lost the top spot to a museum you may have heard of—The Met in NYC.

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Works By

Ansel Adams
Diane Arbus
Mathew Brady
George Bellows
Thomas Hart Benton
Gianlorenzo Bernini
Albert Bierstadt
George Caleb Bingham
Francois Boucher
Georges Braque
Henri-Cartier Bresson
John George Brown
Paolo Caliari
Mary Cassatt
Elizabeth Catlett
Paul Cezanne
William Merritt Chase
Chuck Close
Thomas Cole
John Singleton Copley
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Edgar Degas
Eugene Delacroix
Gustave Dore
Asher Durand
Albrecht Durer
Anthony van Dyck
Paul Gauguin
Jean-Leon Gerome
William J. Glackens
Jan Gossaert
Frederick Childe Hassam
Winslow Homer
Edward Hopper
Chauncey Bradley Ives
Franz Kline
John LaFarge
Karen LaMonte
Roy Lichtenstein
Harvey Littleton
Edouard Manet
Robert Mapplethorpe
Henri Matisse
Elizabeth Murray
Georgia O'Keeffe
Nam June Paik
Sir Joseph Noel Paton
Pablo Picasso
Giovanni Battista Pittoni
Jackson Pollock
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Auguste Rodin
Salvator Rosa
James Rosenquist
Theodore Rousseau
Mark Rothko
James Tissot
Helen M. Turner
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
Alfred Stieglitz
Tiffany Studios
Lino Tagliapietra
Howard Ben Tre
Andy Warhol
Susan Watkins
Benjamin West
Frank Lloyd Wright