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Chrysler Museum Expansion and Renovation

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Here's A Sneak Peek
At How It Will All Look

Many museums, when they are considering expansion, attempt to make a bold new architectural statement. The Chrysler will not. It was a goal of the design process to change the overall exterior appearance as little as possible.

We have, for instance, two magnificent live oaks in the front of our building, and they will not be touched. We will build around them.

New first floor layout
(Axonometric view)

New second floor layout
(Axonometric view)

Before and after, Memorial Garden
(Artist's rendering)

Before and after, Mary's Garden
(Artist's rendering)

For a look at how our main building has evolved over the decades, click here.

Behind-the-Scenes Updates

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Background Briefing

At the Chrysler Museum of Art we are in the process of expanding and renovating our main building, and the end result will be more gallery space, better amenities and freshly redesigned exhibits. Our reopening is scheduled for May 10, 2014.

A key component of our renovation is the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems—which are absolutely crucial in protecting and preserving our works of art—with more modern, efficient systems. Such green initiatives will help us reduce our energy bill, which currently tops $40,000 per month.

The expanded and renovated Museum will allow us to display more works of art, including a major expansion of our display of glass and contemporary art. It will provide a more engaging visitor experience, including a vastly expanded Cafe and Wi-Fi access in every gallery. It will improve handicapped access, traffic flow and parking, and it will set the stage for a bright future for the entire Museum campus.

The building project, expected to cost $24 million, is part of an overall $45 million capital campaign. To read a note from Museum Director William Hennessey on the success of the campaign to date, and how you can help in the future, click here.