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Chrysler Museum Expansion and Renovation

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The Chrysler Museum of Art’s renovated and expanded facility is designed to showcase our nationally recognized collection and support new exhibition strategies and educational programming.


Many museums, when considering an expansion, attempt to make a bold new architectural statement. The Chrysler did not. We tried to change the overall exterior appearance as little as possible. The fixes this building needed were inside, and they came about because of six renovations over eight decades. For a look at how our main building has evolved over the decades, click here.

The project, completed in May, 2014, included the redesign and refurbishment of the Museum's 210,000 square-foot interior and the addition of two new two-story wings flanking the Chrysler’s front entrance. The new spaces were used to expand upon our strengths (larger glass galleries, more space for Impressionist and Baroque works) and add amenities, such as our newly expanded cafe.

The old cafe space was incorporated into a completely re-imagined series of first-floor galleries that include Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Meso-American, African, and Asian works.

The new design establishes an intuitive, unified circulation flow to a building that has been expanded six times since it's opening. Enhanced visitor amenities include an updated Museum shop with expanded offerings, two beautifully restored gardens, and Wi-Fi throughout the building.

A key component of the renovation was a go-green initiative to reduce our energy bill, which currently tops $40,000 per month. This included the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems—which are absolutely crucial in protecting and preserving our works of art—and replacing thousands of light bulbs with more energy-efficient models.

To see the project summed up in a single YouTube video, click here.