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Crossroads: Transportation in Norfolk

The evolution of transportation

High tide on City Hall Avenue, January 1937.  Click image to enlarge. All images courtesy of the Sargeant Memorial Room, Norfolk Public Library.

Crossroads: Transportation in Norfolk was the first special exhibition in the newly refurbished Norfolk History Museum. This show closed in April, 2008.

Norfolk has transformed itself several times over, and this exhibition showcased an exciting array of photographs and artifacts that demonstrated the various methods citizens used to get around town.The city’s evolving transportation systems have included waterways, airways, railroads, and of course, automobiles.

Among the items on display: an electronic parking meter, a bus fare box from the year 1944, and an 8x8-ft model of the Norfolk & Western and Virginian railways. The miniature replica of Norfolk that was part of this model train display featured landmarks from the old Norfolk & Western passenger depot to the ferry landing, and included vanished buildings such as the old city market and some grand downtown hotels.