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The Moses Myers House

Click to see a C-SPAN 3 feature on this 200-year-old home

Linked above is a beautifully done, 26-minute video look at the Moses Myers House produced by C-SPAN 3 for their show American Artifacts. The star of the show, aside from the magnificent old home, is Senior Gallery Host Karen Dutton, shown above. Allison Termine, head of the Jean Outland Chrysler Library, makes a guest appearance at the end. Click the image to play.

The stately Moses Myers House and its peerless collection create an exceptionally accurate picture of the late Federal period and the life of this prosperous Jewish family. Moses Myers, an early American entrepreneur and leading citizen, built the house to accommodate his growing family and social prominence. The home passed down through several generations of the family to Norfolk mayor Barton Myers, who carried out early architectural restoration in 1892.

Moses Myers House

323 E. Freemason Street
(Corner of Bank and E. Freemason)
Norfolk, Virginia 23510
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The Moses Myers House was one of the first brick homes built in Norfolk after the Revolutionary War, which saw most of the town leveled by British bombardment and subsequent fire. The home contains a remarkable number of furnishings original to the family, including Gilbert Stuart’s companion portraits of Moses Myers and his wife, Eliza, as well as works by Thomas Sully.

Extensive work on the home took place in 2004-2005 with the goal of returning the principal rooms of the first floor and the stair hall to their early 19th-century appearance. It is currently home to a special exhibition, Adeline's Portal, and two permanent exhibitions, one dedicated to Moses Myers, one to Barton Myers.