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Barton Myers: Norfolk Visionary

Barton Myers, Norfolk mayor and more"His was a work on which the Norfolk of the future will be built."
-Norfolk Virginian, 23 Dec 1927

As Norfolk entered the modern age of the twentieth century, visionary citizens were needed to guide its progress. Norfolk’s leading visionary was Barton Myers.

Barton Myers continued a Myers family tradition of community involvement and investment. Over the years, the family served in public office, supported local charities, patronized theatre and the arts, and invested in community improvements.

The life of Barton Myers closely mirrored that of his great-grandfather Moses Myers. Both believed in Norfolk’s great potential and devoted their lives to the improvement of their community and fellow citizens. Barton’s efforts molded Norfolk into the modern, prosperous port that it is today.

The photo gallery below comes from a recent exhibition dedicated to Barton Myers, an exhibition made possible by the generous support of Mr. T. Parker Host.