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Chrysler Museum in Dance Off IV: Last Year's Second-Place Finisher Is Going For The Win

Welcome to the most important bit of silliness we indulge in every year.

The International Museum Dance-Off gets bigger every year, as shown in the coverage of last year's finals in The Guardian. We came up just short, and now, with your support, we're on our way again.

4-19-17: The Recipe
For First-Round Success

The Chrysler Nation stood strong in helping us roll to victory in a five-museum field.

Our email subscribers got us out to a crucial early lead. Our Facebook followers snowballed the whole thing with their votes and their shares. Our staffers emailed and texted and Tweeted to friends and family for a vote or two. Our visitors, both website and physical, chipped in.

By late-afternoon we were seeing traffic from the news outlets who had picked up on the story. We pulled away to a big lead, and now we head to Round 2.

Our next round of 24-hour voting begins at 8 a.m. on May 1.

With your help, we hope to advance to the U.S. finals on May 4. World championship voting will commence on May 8.

Last year taught us that every round needs more votes to win. Our second-round total in 2016 was a bit above 10,000 votes, but we needed 25,000 votes to win Round 3. In the finals, we generated more than 62,000 votes and still lost to a museum in Melbourne, Australia, a city of 4 million people.

This is why we ask for your support in helping us spread the word. Our video is a little over three minutes long, and it only takes a few seconds to vote.

To see videos from other competitors, visit the website When You Work At A Museum. That's where voting for the Chrysler will resume on May 1. Each round of voting lasts only 24 hours.

Out in front, that's Kerry O'Donnell, the video's choreographer. The director was Megan Frost.