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Chrysler Museum in Dance Off IV: Last Year's World Runner-up, This Year's U.S. Runner-up

Our dancing shoes became cement shoes. We got rubbed out by the Mob.

The Mob Museum in Las Vegas, that is. Despite a fine effort by the Chrysler Nation, we went down in a hail of votes in the May 4 national championship of a worldwide museum dance competition.

Our supporters were great during first- and second-round victories, and in the U.S. Finals, we had a 5,000 vote lead before the sun had risen in Las Vegas. But from the moment they got going, every 10 minutes they were 200 votes better. We made a couple of rallies trying to stave off the inevitable, but they tied us just before 5 p.m., and led by 1,000 within an hour. We figured it would take 25,000 votes to win and we topped 27,000. They topped 43,000. Hats off, and congratulations, to them.

UPDATE: 5-9-2017: And the world champion is the Herman Otto Muzeum of Mikolc, Hungary, with 100,815 votes. The Mob Museum video came in second, with 50,369. Third place went to one of the finest videos in the competition, from the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, Australia. That entry earned this excellent bit of news media coverage. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph.

The Chrysler was awarded a Spirit Award for the 2017 contest. The judges said it was to recognize "the video that made us say, 'These people really love their museum, and you can see it in their faces.'"

In the 2016 world championship, the Chrysler was defeated by the Museum Victoria of Melbourne, 79,090 to 66,171.

Out in front, that's Kerry O'Donnell, the video's choreographer. The director was Megan Frost.