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The Chrysler Museum in the News

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To sum up the Chrysler difference in a single story, click the image above for Devon Britt-Darby's review for Arts and Culture Texas. If it looks too long to read, just scroll to the bottom and read the last four paragraphs.

Shown above is our favorite story of all time. Listed below are clips dating back to 2010. Links range from major newspapers to quirky blogs, from national arts publications to niche publications.

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• The Virginian-Pilot previewed Luke Jerram's public piano project, Play Me, I'm Yours.

• Our exhibition of Glen McClure photographs, Shipyard Workers of Hampton Roads, earned coverage from The Associated Press, the Virginian-Pilot, the Daily Press of Newport News, and WVEC, among others. The AP story showed up all across the state.

• WTKR previewed Luke Jerram's Play Me, I'm Yours.

• Our stirring exhibition Thomas Hart Benton and the Navy was reviewed by the Virginian-Pilot and covered by

• In 2016, the Chrysler was world runner-up in a museum dance contest. In 2017, we were U.S. runners-up. Sad.

The Flagship previewed our upcoming exhibition, Thomas Hart Benton and the Navy.

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• In the glass art world, Urban Glass is a big deal: Here's their feature on our Pilchuck Prints exhibition.

• A travel magazine sets up a Norfolk tour itinerary that includes our Museum and our Glass Studio.

• Our newest curator, Kimberli Gant, was interviewed by Tidewater Women magazine.

• Chief Curator Lloyd DeWitt was on Peter Greenberg's radio show to discuss the Chrysler and our "surprisingly robust collection."

• A nice feature on our secret weapon, the Jean Outland Chrysler Library, which moved from our building to ODU a few years back.

AltDaily previews our upcoming exhibition of everyday heroes as photographed by Glen McClure.

• A new exhibition at the Willoughby-Baylor House is previewed by Southside Daily.

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• A local glass artist, and Studio mainstay, is featured on WTKR's Coast Live. It's a wonderful look at the work of Hannah Kirkpatrick.

• Our curator of modern and contemporary art weighs in on the topic of mermen.

• A former Chrysler Museum Director is dead at the age of 80. Here's is one of many published obituaries for David Steadman.

• Our Glass Studio is always pleased to help the For Kids fundraiser. Robin Rogers, our Studio's assistant manager, is being recognized for doing a really beautiful thing here.

• The Chrysler was pleased to join with other local arts organizations in a big fundraiser at a new hotel. $581,000 was raised in a weekend.

• WAVY 10's HRScene takes a look at our Monir Farmanfarmaian exhibition.

• A nice blog post about our Glass Studio demo program You Draw It, We Make It. In this case, it's a glass penguin.

• An upcoming exhibition featuring the work of a pioneering female artist from Iran was covered by AltDaily and Southside Daily.

• Our exhibition of works by Toulouse-Lautrec was covered by ArtFixDaily and Art History News.

• An internationally acclaimed floral designer visited for a week of exclusive workshops. This story on Nicky Markslag comes from WVEC.

• On the 30th anniversary of Andy Warhol's death, the Virginian-Pilot looked back on the day when the artist visited this Museum at the invitation of Walter Chrysler, Jr.

• Here's a photo scan of a nice story about our efforts to increase the accessibility and enjoyment of visitors. Our Manager of Curriculum and Gallery Programs, Jonathan Markham, was interviewed by The Captain's Log of Christopher Newport University.

• Here's a preview of our Friends of Historic Houses Lecture Series from The speaker will be Richard Guy Wilson.

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• This profile of Mackinnon Curator Kimberli Gant in Whurk tells the story of what got her started in art.

• The top six finishers at the annual Hampton Roads Student Gallery have their works exhibited here. The Virginian-Pilot has a touching story on the winner.

• From WTKR's Coast Live, an excellent video look at the daily demos and no-experienced-required classes at the Perry Glass Studio.

• Here's a feature story on our Ulrich Wust photo exhibition. It's from the Virginian-Pilot.

• The Canadian publication Whitehot Magazine reviewed a Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition in Austria that includes a work from the Chrysler Collection.

• Jan. 21, 2017, saw more than 600 protest marches across America. The Norfolk march started on our front yard. Since it was covered by every TV station and newspaper in town, we'll just link to a couple photo galleries, as found here and here.

• Meredith Gray is our new Director of Communications. You could find the story in the Southside Daily,, and the Daily Press of Newport News.


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• Some saw-it-in-the-newspaper love for our Flower Guild, thanks to the Virginian-Pilot.

• From Blouin Art Info, a look at our exhibition Branding the American West.

• We're taking the first steps to see if we can expand the Perry Glass Studio. It's been a huge success in its first five years, so we've hired an architect to explore options. The news was covered by, Glass is More, Art Daily, and Southside Daily.

• A great glass art show is coming here next year, and the story of Monir Farmanfarmaian is previewed here.

• Here's nice story about a Chrysler loaned artwork if you're fluent in French.

• Having a Vermeer on view was a big enough story to draw the attention of the Richmond Times-Dispatch. You also can find a story on the loaned work by the Daily Press here.

• Our exhibition of Cold War photographs by Ulrich Wust drew coverage here.

• We love showing up in travel blogs, such as here and here.

• We've named our new curator of Modern and Contemporary Art. Stories about Kimberli Gant could be found in Hyperallergic, Culture Type, and

• From Virginia Living, a profile of Charlotte Potter, a highly regarded glass artist and the head honcho at the Chrysler Museum Perry Glass Studio.

• It's Halloween the Chrysler way, as covered by a local blog, a national arts publication, a local TV station, and the local paper. For Facebook Live videos, click here and here.

• One of the true unsung heroes of the Glass Studio gets her praises sung here.

• The Daily Press looks at our Monet/van Gogh exhibition in an article and a video.

• A preview of Branding the American West from the Virginian-Pilot.

• From WTKR 3, a Vermeer is coming to the Chrysler!

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• From Western Art & Architecture, a look at Branding the American West.

• A fantastic photo story based on our exhibition Women and the Civil Rights Movement.

• Here are stories related to The Agrarian Ideal, from Southside Daily, the Virginian-Pilot, and Art History News.

Branding the American West is previewed by ArtFixDaily and Art History News.

• Wendy Maruyama's exhibition on the plight of the African elephants earned coverage in The Daily Press, Southside Daily, and WTKR's Coast Live.

• The Chrysler is a great place for a wedding, and the story is told in pictures at Style Me Pretty.

• Digital artist Brian Bress, with two works on view here, was profiled in HyperAllergic.

• NEON Festival coverage included a TV interview with our very own Seth Feman and this feature in the Virginian-Pilot.

• Wendy Maruyama's The wildLIFE Project was highlighted by HyperAllergic.

• Home town boy makes good: the Virginian-Pilot previews our two upcoming installations by Brian Bress.

• Take a strong Chrysler Collection, add a van Gogh from Richmond and a Monet from Paris, and what do you have? The Agrarian Ideal: Monet, van Gogh, Homer and More.

• A report on an upcoming exhibition from ArtFixDaily.

• From the Virginian-Pilot, a back-in-the-day feature on Walter Chrysler's gift to the city of Norfolk.

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• Here's a profile of Chief Curator Lloyd Dewitt by the Virginian-Pilot. At right is a photo that accompanied the print version of the story. It's by The N. Pham.

• A glass artist from Brooklyn returns to town for work in our Studio and an exhibition at a nearby gallery. Here's a report.

• From Crave magazine, a look at our exhibition Women and the Civil Rights Movement. The show was also featured in the Virginian-Pilot.

• A nationally touring art project stopped by at the Chrysler. Coverage of the Truth Booth could be found at WHRO, WTKR, WAVY, and the Virginian-Pilot.

• We hosted a gathering for Knit In Public Day, and among the attendees: Men.

• Here's the Virginian-Pilot on Herb Ritts: The Rock Portraits.

• We reached the finals, but came in second, in an international contest for best museum dance video. The best overall overview came from The Guardian, but we also have to thank WVEC, The Virginian-Pilot, and The Daily Press for their support and coverage throughout. You can watch the video here.

• More love for our Edward Burtynsky exhibition. Local coverage came from The Virginian-Pilot and national coverage came from Lenscratch.

• Our new exhibition of historic photographs by Harry C. Mann found it's way into ArtDaily and the website of WTKR. That exhibition is at the Willoughby-Baylor House on East Freemason Street.

• A sweet blog post here—a mom and her kids enjoy a session at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.

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• Via Introspective Magazine, a look at Edward Burtynsky: Water.

• A full-page feature in a Sunday Richmond Times-Dispatch on Edward Burtynsky: Water.

• A look at changing cities, thanks to artist Norwood Viviano and this feature in the Virginian-Pilot.

Norfolk Perspectives host Bob Batcher interviews Museum Director Erik Neil and Curator of Exhibitions Seth Feman about our exhibition Edward Burtynsky: Water. That exhibition also found its way into WAVY's hrScene.

Antiques and The Arts Weekly covers our acquisition of Beauford Delaney's portrait of James Baldwin.

• Museums aren't in the public policy business, but they can raise awareness on climate change.

• If a food critic writes about a museum, it's probably not news. Then again, this meal is made out of glass.

• Our exhibition Edward Burtynksy: Water was featured at ArtFixDaily and HyperAllergic.

• From Old Dominion University, the Mace & Crown took a look at the companion show to the Burtynsky exhibition, New Light on Land.

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• A sweet picture, shown at right, from a sweet blog post. Our thanks to Artfully Awear, and you can click the picture to enlarge.

• A photo essay via on Robin Rogers crafting Cinderella's slipper in our Glass Studio.

• The story behind our latest acquisition via the Virginian-Pilot.

• Here's a feature story on our exhibition Seascapes by William Trost Richards via The Daily Press of Newport News.

• A nice write-up on our Glass Studio at WorldGuide.

• A promotion for the Chrysler's Seth Feman showed up in Art Daily and Blouin Art Info.

• The announcement that Lloyd Dewitt will be our new Chief Curator was covered by Blouin Art Info, ArtFixDaily, Art Forum, Art News, and ArtDaily in addition to local publications (as seen here and here.)

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• The Virginian-Pilot reports on a good year for us.

• The subject of a "First Person" feature at Inside Business: Museum Director Erik Neil.


• Via the Daily Press of Newport News, a feature on our Saints and Dragons exhibition.

The Virginia Gazette looked at Georgia O'Keeffe's ties to Williamsburg.

Salsa night at the Museum.

• Charlotte Potter, a noted glass artist when she's not acting as our Glass Studio Manager and Programming Director, is profiled in the Fredericksburg Literary & Art Review. Click here, then work your way to page 39.

• From the Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art, a review of our exhibition, Shooting Lincoln: Photography and the 16th President.

• From the Daily Press of Newport News, coverage of our exhibition Serial Thrillers that included a a video interview.

• A heartfelt column that wound up being reprinted on a Today show blog. From Lucky Orange Pants, the headline is "Legacy."

Arte Fuse did a review of our Beverly Fishman exhibition, In Sickness and in Health.

• An excellent article by Teresa Annas on photographer Tseng Kwong Chi and our late curator, Amy Brandt, who knew his work deserved a museum retrospective. Tseng's work is described as "paraperformative."

• In Los Angeles, the Broad (rhymes with "rode") Museum opens on Sept. 20, and they will be using the same Gallery Host approach that was pioneered here. Our Director of Visitor Services, Colleen Higginbotham, is quoted in this Los Angeles Times story.

• More than a thousand glass artists and aficionados will be gathering in Norfolk in June 2017. Via, here's a report on Norfolk, the Chrysler, and the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio being selected to host a big international glass conference.

• The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio is going to be working with NASA experts on a project to create a 3-D printer for glass.

• Here's a report in The Virginian-Pilot that former editor Denis Finley is now the Communications Director at the Chrysler Museum.

• Our exhibition Tseng Kwong Chi: Performing for the Camera was reviewed by Mark St. John Erickson in the Daily Press. Coverage included a brief video look at the show.

• A talented local blogger found inspiration at an exhibition opening.

• Talk about timely exhibition! We have on view an installation by an African-American artist that addresses the symbolism of the Confederate flag. With all the controversy swirling, the work of Hank Willis Thomas in Black Righteous Space earned coverage in American Photo, the Virginian-Pilot, and ArtFixDaily.

• A great feature story with photos on our "guardian of art."

Click to enlarge.

• Coverage of our newest exhibition, The Artist's Garden can be found at the Daily Press of Newport News, at, and on the Hampton Roads Show. A feature-section front from The Virginian-Pilot is shown at right, and you can also find coverage at Art Daily and Art Fix Daily.

• The retirement of our chief curator, Jeff Harrison, was covered by both local outlets (The Virginian-Pilot) and national arts publications, including AFA News, ArtForum, ArtNews, and HyperAllergic.

• Here's a lovely feature about the Official First Couple of the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio: Julia and Robin Rogers had a new exhibition reviewed by The Virginian-Pilot.

• The sad news of the passing of Amy Brandt, our McKinnon Curator for Modern and Contemporary Art, was covered by The Virginian-Pilot and national arts publications, including ArtNet News, Art Forum, and Art Fix Daily.

• Here's a story related to our Gifts From Japan exhibition as it appeared in a Japanese newspaper.

• One way to know your facility is family-friendly is to see moms write good things about their visit. Like here, for instance.

• The Daily Press picked the nine best area art exhibitions of the spring, and two of them are here. You can download a scan of the page here. (770K)

• On the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's death, sailors from the USS Lincoln visited the museum for a tour of our Lincoln photography exhibition. Coverage ranged from the Navy and to the Association of Art Museum Directors.

• Hyperallergic reviewed our Greta Pratt exhibition Nineteen Lincolns.

• Our Gifts From Japan exhibition was featured on WAVY-TV. You could also find it featured at A well-travelled reviewer from also stopped by.

• From Bloun Art Info, a story about the reopened and expanded Corning Museum of Glass. We congratulate the New York facility on its $64 million expansion, and if you read to the very end, you'll find an interesting note about us.

• Here's a really nice place to see your exhibition highlighted in a slide show: Architectural Digest.

• Diane Wright, our Barry Curator of Glass, was the featured speaker at an international flameworking conference.

• No more selfie-sticks here.

Click to enlarge.

Click the image to enlarge. Click here to read the story.

• The story of our exhibition of archival photos of Abraham Lincoln, told in words and video by the Daily Press.

• Video games as an art form, as detailed in the Daily Press and at WAVY-TV.

• covered our highly successful Art Purchase Dinner. So did


• In search of the Madonna and Child at the Chrysler Museum of Art.

• A Worn to be Wild video story via the Daily Press.

• Cubism comes to the Chrysler.

• National coverage of our installation by the work of an up-and-coming artist, Saya Woolfalk. Local coverage included Veer Magazine, which declared her work "exhaustingly remarkable to experience."

• Via the Virginian-Pilot, "If you're going to rock leather, you have to go all in."

• Here's perhaps the last place you'd expect to find a feature on museums, rebels, and black leather jackets—The Wall Street Journal.

• The Chrysler Museum becomes Thomas Cole Central.

Conde Nast Traveler listed the nine best fashion-as-art shows in the world for Fall 2014. Worn to Be Wild made the list.

• Our retiring director, Bill Hennessey, was interviewed by the Virginian-Pilot. Look for the anecdote about people waiting in the rain for the doors to open, and his vow to never have that happen again.

• In the Best Bets for Fall, artsy editions, we earned four mentions in The Daily Press of Newport News.

Click to enlarge

• Our Barry Curator of Glass, Diane Wright, is on the cover of the September issue of Tidewater Women magazine.

• An unusual local angle in this story about our exhibition Celebrating Smokey Bear: Rudy Wendelin and the Creation of an Icon. You can find a higher level of detail at Veer magazine.

• Charlotte Potter, when not working as our Glass Studio Manager and Program Director, is a gifted glass artist in her own right. Her solo exhibition was reviewed by Teresa Annas of the Virginian Pilot.

• Our incoming director, Erik Neil, was interviewed by Inside Business.

• The announcement that Erik Neil will replace the retiring William Hennessey as Chrysler Museum Director drew coverage from, among others, ArtFixDaily, the The Daily Press of Newport News, and the Virginian-Pilot. As an example of how far the story traveled in the art world, here's an article in French.

• Sarah Cascone of ArtNet stopped in after our reopening to check us out. Here's her report: "Tuned Up Chrysler Museum Shines in Virginia."

• At the Virginian-Pilot, it fell to Hyunsoo Leo Kim, Brian Clark, Vicki Cronis-Nohe, and Teresa Annas to say goodbye to Rubber Duck. At WVEC, it was LaSalle Blanks with the deflating news.

• WTKR reported on the last day of the visit by Rubber Duck. Since the lead says it's "the rubber duck that has invaded everyone's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds for the past week," we'll add that the Museum's Facebook page reached 1.6 million people in 10 days.

• In the midst of Duck Mania, one of the nicest stories ever written about us appeared in Arts + Culture Texas.

Click toread the article

• Via WTKR, Rubber Duck makes a splash in Norfolk, followed by a second story "What's the deal with the big duck?" The station's viewer-submitted slideshow got so many pictures, they posted a second page.

• From WHRO, a Rubber Duck time-lapse movie by Daniel Harrell, a feature story by Shannon Bowman, and, of course, a slideshow.

• From WAVY, a Rubber Duck feature story and a slideshow.

• Via NorfolkTV, may Rubber Duck consider Norfolk "The best location I've ever visited."

• From Teresa Annas and Bill Tiernan of the Virginian-Pilot, coverage of Rubber Duck's first day floating in the Hague.

And they called it ducky love comes from

• Via the Virginian-Pilot, a preview story on Rubber Duck by Teresa Annas with a sidebar on the question: "Is it art?"

• From WVEC, a slideshow on Rubber Duck and a slideshow on the reopening.

• A review of our newly reopened Museum on Yelp.

Hyperallergic is a hip artsy outfit out of Brooklyn. A reporter stopped by to check out our newly renovated museum.

• WTKR did a dandy preview story right before our reopening.

• WAVY did two features on our reopening, one from The Hampton Roads Show and one from a nightly newscast.

• On Sunday, May 4, the Virginian-Pilot published a big feature on our reopening. The online version includes bonus interactive content.

• On Sunday, May 4, the Daily Press of Newport News published an in-depth look at the architectural changes to our building. In a nutshell, it seems bigger on the inside.

Click to enlarge

• Museum Director Bill Hennessey was the morning guest on The Tide, 102.1. You can hear just the interview, (the eclectic music has been edited out) in an mp3 format right here.

• Chris Reckling of The Hampton Roads Show went behind the scenes at the Museum for one of his Reck on the Road segments.

• ArtDaily found our wonderful gift from the Irene Leache Memorial newsworthy. It got a mention on the Nord On Art blog, too.

• Via Tidewater Women magazine, meet our Education Director Anne Corso.

• Our reopening is the cover story for the April edition of Coastal Virginia magazine.

• Our upcoming visit by Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck was featured on I Want Pop.

• By way of the Virginian-Pilot, here's a feature on Luke Jerram's Chrysler Chandelier.

• From WTKR 3, a behind-the-scenes look at our renovation and expansion.

• From WAVY 10 evening anchor Tom Schaad, a photo essay from behind the scenes at the Chrysler.

• Chrysler Director William Hennessey said today he has one last major acquisition target before his retirement—C.M. Coolidge's Dogs Playing Poker. Perhaps we should mention the April 1 publication date.

• Flipkey, a blog from the travel site TripAdvisor, researched the "most fascinating and most talked-about museums in each state across the country." The Chrysler made the list.

• From the Virginian-Pilot, "Giant rubber duck coming for Chrysler's reopening." Now to be precise, Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck actually arrives on May 17, which is a week after our reopening on May 10, but we understand how headline writing goes.

• Glass Quarterly has an interview with our Glass Studio Manager Charlotte Potter in which the focus is her latest artistic projects.

• From the Virginian-Pilot, an update on our expansion and renovation project.


• Beginning in March, Diane Wright will be our new Barry Curator of Glass. You can find coverage at,, and

• From "Performance with glass morphs into new art form."

• "Chrysler Museum's renovations on schedule and within budget" says a report in Inside Business.

Click to enlarge

• In one way this is a story about our Museum. In another way, it's about a female artist finally getting her due. The story of Idelle Weber's artworks can be found in the Virginian-Pilot or at Blouin ArtInfo.

• The Glass Quarterly blog covers Sarah Gilbert being awarded the 4Front Residency at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.

• A look at the Kindred Spirits exhibition, our cooperative effort with Old Dominion University, by way of the ODU student newspaper.

• It didn't take long for the accolades to start rolling in. From The Virginian-Pilot, Chrysler Museum director to retire in a year.

• Here's a fantastic essay in a most unexpected place. A New York consultancy that specializes in law firms in particular, and the legal profession in general, found valuable management lessons from a "magnetic" art museum. That museum is the Chrysler.

• The Glass Art Society takes a look at our Glass Studio assistantship program in their publication GAS News.

• The headline in the Glass Quarterly Hot Sheet says it all: While the Chrysler Museum Renovates, the Glass Studio Innovates.

• From the Durham, N.C. Herald-Sun, a thoughtful review of how the North Carolina Museum of Art integrated our loaned works into their permanent collection.

• From Glass Is More a story about our call for glass artists to take part in our upcoming Minkoff Foundation Residency.

Click to enlarge

• One way to tell if your museum has made a significant acquisition is to see it covered by The New York Times. It was also the subject of a nice feature in The Virginian-Pilot.

• Our Glass Studio manager, Charlotte Potter, will be joining her rock-star sister at a Vermont festival this fall. In this interview in Rolling Stone, Grace Potter has a colorful way of describing Charlotte's contribution.

• A sweet story about keeping alive the memory of Felrath Hines. We have some Hines artwork in our collection and we're mentioned in the story.

• When visiting Norfolk, include a stop at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio. So says the travel blog Wanderlust and Lipstick.

• Via ArtFixDaily, a look at one of the authors of a new book on Magnetic Museums. The Chrysler is one of the six museums featured in the book, and you can read a review here.

Click to enlarge

• The Glass Quarterly Hot Sheet is on the story of how our redesigned glass galleries will be so closely integrated with our Glass Studio.

• The Southern Pines Pilot writes about our loaning several masterpieces (including works by Degas, Renoir and Rodin) to the North Carolina Museum of Art.

• Joe Flanagan of WVEC Channel 13 has quite a following for his "Joe's Job" segments, and he recently tried glassblowing in our Glass Studio. So has the news business lost a total pro, or has the glass world found its next great artist?

• It's pretty prestigious, being named a Magnetic Museum. We haven't started talking about it yet, because the book is not officially out, but here's a story about a museum that just couldn't wait.

• Our exhibition Airborne as covered by the Art Media Agency and

• A nice feature story about the buildup to the debut of Airborne by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

• Turns out WAVY 10 anchor Tom Schaad is a pretty good photographer. He can write a fine essay, too, as is the case here as he visits the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.

• "A surprising heap of glass items." The Virginian-Pilot looks at Adelines Portal, a Moses Myers House installation created by conceptual artist Beth Lipman.

• We are proud to present two new videos related to our Third Wednesday performance series at the Glass Studio. The first comes from our friends at, and it builds off a recent Glass Theatre performance. The second comes from noted photographer (and videographer) Echard Wheeler and his blog Red Meat and Gin.

Photo from Echard Wheeler's blog. Click to enlarge

• "The Mystery of Glass" is the headline on a marvelous feature about our Glass Studio in Distinction Magazine.

• The Daily Press of Newport News did an appreciation of our exhibition American Treasures at the Willoughby-Baylor House.


• WVEC-TV stopped by to do a feature story just a few days before we closed for renovations. You can see the video here.

• The Virginian-Pilot featured our "Au Revoir, Renoir" party and looked at our plans for the Chrysler Museum Roadshow.

• A feature story in the Norfolk Virginian-Pilot by Teresa Annas looked at Glass Studio Manager Charlotte Potter and her exhibition Charlotte's Web.

• The Daily Press of Newport News took an in-depth look at our Tiffany exhibition. examined how military veterans are portrayed in the art world. The article includes our Suzanne Opton exhibition.

• Judith Braun, who worked live before a Chrysler Museum audience in creating her Diamond Dust mural, got a really nice write-up in The London Daily Mail.

• From Old Dominion University, the Mace and Crown looks at the running, stomping and shouting related to our Pinaree Sanpitak exhibition.

Click to enlarge

• The Cox 11 program Hot Ticket hosted a conversation with Museum Director William Hennessey. The topic is the Suzanne Opton exhibition, Many Wars.

• The Rhode Island School of Design boasts a crazy-long list of powerhouse alumni. An online RISD magazine just tracked down three alumni who work at our Glass Studio.

• publicized our bringing the art of Pinaree Sanpitak to a U.S. audience.

• A travel writer adds up all the attractions in Norfolk, and our Museum tops the list. The full story is at

• A newspaper out of Madrid got wind of our Many Wars exhibition. You can read the 20 Minutos story here. En espanol, of course.

• The local NBC affiliate, WAVY 10, stopped by our Glass Studio while we had guest artists in town.

• There's an impressive exhibition at the Muscarelle Museum in Williamsburg featuring ancient Athenian pottery. It includes some works of ours. When a Museum is renovating, it's a good time to send works out on loan.

• Nick Cave just keeps moving up when it comes to respect in the art world. Art Daily covers our acquisition of one of his soundsuits.

• The talented team at our Glass Studio hit the streets with a mobile hot shop to delight people taking part in a local street festival. Learn more about the Granby Street Meet, Greet and Imagine event here.

• From As part of an ongoing partnership between the Chrysler Museum of Art and Old Dominion University, the Jean Outland Chrysler Library will move from the Museum into a new art building on the ODU campus in early 2014. Details here.

• We believe we operate the best art research library in the South. Big news. It's going to have a brand new home in 2014.

• Our new Tiffany exhibition, a kind of best-of show thanks to our construction and renovation, earned a mentioned in Showed up in, too.

• A wonderful overview from The Virginian-Pilot about all kinds of things happening at the Museum related to our new Tiffany exhibit.

Click to enlarge

Click image to enlarge.

•, a well-read publication in this field, has an article about our new sculpture by John Henry

• WTKR Channel 3 stopped by to see John Miller, our Glass Studio Visiting Artist, create a giant Doumar's ice cream cone.

• Virginia Business has a story about our construction partner in our expansion and renovation project. The full details are here.

• Teresa Annas of the Virginian-Pilot looks at the stories behind Baldwin Lee's photography.

• Rare to see a columnist talking about a museum on an op-ed page. Thank you, Mr. Luzzato.

• A lofty goal of our Glass Studio supporters is to see this region become an East Coast hotspot for glass art. It won't happen overnight, but so far so good.

• Family Travel Magazine asks if a fine arts museum full of gorgeous and fragile glass can be kid-friendly. The answer at the Chrysler is yes.

• A new title for the Chrysler's Kelly Conway, thanks to our capital campaign. Glass Quarterly is on the story.

• A lovely blog post about Debora Moore, a Glass Studio Visiting Artist, from Coming East. The tagline of that site is "living life one sunrise at a time," and the post speaks eloquently about the value of supporting your local museum.

• A wonderful article in AltDaily about the Mic Fiend Cafe. We were quite happy to host these poetry slams.

• The TV show Norfolk Perspectives includes a look at our expansion and renovation plans. You can find our Director, Bill Hennessey, at the 15 minute mark.

• The Virginian-Pilot details our expansion plans in an article that includes architectural diagrams.

• The Daily Press of Newport News covers our expansion and renovation announcement.

• An experienced art museum visitor weighs in on the Chrysler. It's a well-written post.

• An art show featuring works by art teachers. The Daily Press story is here.

• An in-depth discussion of our 30 Americans exhibition. You can see it on YouTube; it's a production of the Cox 11 Hot Ticket program.

Clipping from Virginia Living. Click to enlarge.

From Virginia Living Click the image to enlarge.

The Virginian-Pilot has a weekly "At Work With" feature. This time around it features Gallery Host Karen Dutton.

• "An exhibit that's wrapped in secrets." The Daily Press of Newport News reviews our 30 Americans exhibition here.

• Our 30 Americans exhibition is now open, and the Virginian-Pilot highlights seven works from the show.

• An impressive overview of our Glass Studio from the a href="" target="_blank">Cox 11 program Hot Ticket.

The Virginian-Pilot checked in our Glass Studio Visiting Artist Series. It's a good story.

The Virginian-Pilot found out about our expansion plans a full month before we were ready to announce them. The story is here. The final vote to make it official is in March.

• Our new education director lights up the set of Norfolk Perspectives. Anne Corso chats with Bob Batcher about our new exhibition of Baldwin Lee photographs. Anne's segment begins at the 22:57 mark.

• There are folks at this Museum who believe we are the perfect place for a first date. Via, here's a tale from one.

Clipping from ArtFixDaily. Click to enlarge.

Art Fix Daily looks at our Cities of Light exhibition. Click the image to enlarge. Click here to read the story.

• Our Museum is known as one of the most beautiful venues in the area for a wedding. Here are some photos from a recent wedding, and congratulations Kaitlin and Matthew!

• A travel writer visits the Norfolk History Museum at the Willoughby-Baylor House. The full story is here

• Be sure to catch Mark St. John Erickson of the Daily Press discussing our remix exhibition.

• The Visit South travel blog stops in at the Moses Myers House.

• A cool photography exhibtion open here in February, and here's an interview with the photographer, Baldwin Lee, via the Knoxville News Sentinel.

• Foodies rejoice! A travel writer plugs Norfolk as a destination and does so for a unique reason. Once you're done eating, The Gadling blog has nice things to say about local attractions, including our Museum and Glass Studio.


• Wonderful family stories connected to our exhibition of Kenneth Harris watercolors of Norfolk. The details are here, by way of the Virginian-Pilot.

Clipping from the Virginian Pilot. Click to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge.

• We have a weakness for first-person blog posts. Here's one from Coffee And A Book Chick.

A first-hand experience in our Glass Studio by way of the Daily Press. Here's a similar piece from the Virginian-Pilot.

• Imagine a signed, original Warhol—or a signed, original Lichtenstein— costing only $12. Seriously. The story is here.

• Local TV stations covered our Glass Studio opening. Find the roundup here.

• From Tidewater Community College, a photo feature on their students working in our brand new Glass Studio. A nice YouTube video is available, too.

• Our new Glass Studio is the topic of discussion on Norfolk Perspectives, hosted by Bob Batcher. Watch the clip here.

Local TV coverage, Chrysler Museum Glass Studio

Museum Director William Hennessey discusses our new Glass Studio on the Norfolk Neighborhood Network. Click the image to play the clip..

• ArtFixDaily picked up on how we have done a remix on our Modern and Contemporary Art galleries.

• We're especially pleased when we draw the attention of travel writers. Take a peek at Travel Plus Wine.

• Serious glass art fans follow Glass Quarterly and its blog, which just did an in-depth article on "The story behind the Chrysler Museum of Art's new glass studio."

• Two Glass Studio stories of note from the Virginian-Pilot, one a nice overview of the studio's rock 'n' roll attitude and one documenting a visit from a glass art maestro.

• How often do you see art-related subjects on a newspaper editorial page? The Virginian-Pilot has lots of things to say about our new Glass Studio.

Our Colorama exhibition got some attention in Spain. Nice article for people who know Spanish.

• Our Rothko exhibition and the concurrent Virginia Stage Company Rothko play RED has kicked up some interest. Here's a feature from The Virginian-Pilot.

Art Knowledge News picked up on the incredible quality contained in our Community Collects exhibition.

One of our paintings on loan to a prestigious art museum in London

Our exquisite Degas, Dancer with Bouquets, is on loan to the Royal Academy of Arts in London. When the Reuters news service covered the opening, they posed a famous dancer in front of our famous painting. Click image to enlarge.

• Mark St. John Erickson of the Daily Press offers a feature on our exhibition of Civil War images. with a wonderful story about our Curious George exhibition through the eyes of a three-year-old. Read it here.

Art Daily picked up on our Kenneth Harris exhibit.

Curious George as a Holocaust survivor story. The Christian Broadcasting Network looks at the backstory behind our latest special exhibition.

Art Knowledge News did a nice story on our upcoming Kenneth Harris exhibition.

• Our special exhibition Curious George Saves The Day is featured on WHRO's "Norfolk Perspectives." Host Bob Batcher interviews both the famous monkey and Museum Director Bill Hennessey. Our segment runs from 18:12 to 23:20.

• An artsy blog has a lot of nice things to say about our Museum.

• A conversation with the head of the new Chrysler Museum Glass Studio, Charlotte Potter.

• From, the joys of an afternoon at the Chrysler Museum.

Clipping from the Virginian Pilot

A photo so large, The Virginian-Pilot turned the page sideways. Click image to enlarge.

• From the Daily Press in Newport News, the little-known story of the origin of Curious George.

• From the Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star, an interest rekindled after years away.

• From the Christian Broadcasting Network, coverage of our Life of Christ special exhibition.

• The headline says it all: Norfolk Museum Resurrects Art of Jesus

• From the Daily Press in Newport News, a look at our new Tiffany lamps exhibition (with slideshow) and a look at the new James Tissot: Life of Christ exhibition (with photogallery).

• A profile of our new curator for modern and contemporary art from the Virginian-Pilot. Amy Brandt wants to present "important, cutting-edge work."

• The Daily Press in Newport News tells the story of two Boncori paintings now hanging side by side after centuries of being apart.

• Other museums are taking note of the success of our Tickle My Ears events for children. Read all about it.

• A gallery director on a 75-day, 12,000-mile trip through 45 art communities across the United States stops in at the Chrysler: "Hands down it is by far one of the best collections of art we have had the pleasure of viewing."

• Insightful piece from captures the essence of our current Daniel Rozin exhibition and asks a key question. Why do people think they have to see everything in just one visit?

• The Fox 43 Hampton Roads Show featured the Chrysler in a Postcards From Hampton Roads segment. You can watch it here.

• Nine American masterpieces go on loan to the Chrysler as promised gifts. The details are here.


• Our Elizabeth Catlett exhibition will be closing soon. If you are wondering about seeing it before it's gone, read this wonderful article by The Virginian-Pilot.

• The Daily Press in Newport News did an outstanding video of our Daniel Rozin exhibition. Did a very nice slide show, too.

• See coverage of our Glass Studio announcement here, here, here and here.

Clipping from Veer magazine

From Veer magazine. Click image to enlarge.

• Veer Magazine wrote about our London Calling exhibition.