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What To See In An Hour

With 62 free galleries and 30,000 objects spanning 5,000 years, we don't expect you to see everything in one visit. It's perfectly normal to make your first stop a quick walkthrough, and to come back later for a more in-depth look. So for starters:

• Many of our gallery hosts encourage families with kids to start in our Ancient Worlds area, as the kids will be familiar with Egyptian mummies and ancient Greece and Rome from school. The Meso-American figures are usually a big hit with kids, too.

• Our glass collection is superb, but it's slowly being moved into safekeeping as part of ourn expansion and renovation project. There's still plenty to see, but if you see an empty case, you'll know why. A greatest hits type of show dedicated to Tiffany glass is now open, and it's a must-see. It can be found right off Huber Court, the grand centerpiece of our Museum.

• Special exhibitions currently on display include moving portraits of veterans by Suzanne Opton (Many Wars) and a huge landscape mural done by Judith Braun using nothing but her fingers (Diamond Dust). We've also freshened the contemporary art currently on display in what we are calling Remix Redux. That exhibition includes our newest acquisition, a soundsuit by Nick Cave.