Artist: Unknown (Attic Greek)
Title: Black-Figure Amphora, 530-520 B.C.

Terracotta, Slip-decorated
16 1/2 in. (41.9 cm)
Gift of The Mowbray Arch Society, 2003

A vase shaped like this, with a long neck and two handles, is called an amphora. Vases were used to store food and liquids in ancient Greece. Some amphoras, such as this one, were decorated with gods and heroes to be given as prizes. One side of this vase tells the story of an ancient Greek hero named Theseus. Here he fights the minotaur, a creature that was half-man and half-bull. On the other side, Apollo, the god of music and poetry, plays the lyre for two other Greek gods, Dionysus and Hermes. These scenes were created by painting with thin layers of watery clay that changed from red to black when the finished vase was fired.