Artist: Mary Cassatt
Title: The Family, 1893

Oil on canvas
32 1/4 x 26 1/8 in. (81.9 x 66.4 cm)
Gift of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr.

Mary Cassatt abandoned societal expectations and pursued an art career. At the age of sixteen, she began studying at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Like many artists of her generation, she travelled and received professional training abroad. In France, she began to work with a group of artists who challenged the rules for painting. They were called the Impressionist. Cassatt was the only female American painter to exhibit with the group. Known as an artist who used the theme of motherhood, Cassatt did not solely focus on women and children until her late 30s and early 40s.  Painted when Cassatt was 49, The Family captures a mother with her young daughter and baby. Though her artwork is not political, Cassatt favored giving women the right to vote and supported the Woman’s Suffrage Movement.