Artist: Harvey K. Littleton
Title: Lemon/Ruby/Blue Vertical Group, 1989

American, b. 1922
Gift of the Mowbray Arch Society
© 1989 Harvey K. Littleton

BARIUMBarium Carbonate
Batch: Stabilizer

In 1962, Harvey Littleton organized two seminal workshops at the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio to move glassmaking away from production only in factories. With the help of glass research scientist Dominick Labino, artists began to experiment with a glass batch that could be melted at lower temperatures and used in their own studios.

In the batch mixed to form this sculpture, potash (K2CO3) was the flux and barium carbonate (BaCO3) was the stabilizer. When the batch was heated, barium carbonate became barium oxide (BaO), giving the object a brilliance much like lead glass.