Artist: Fuller White
Title: Norfolk Mace, 1753

41 1/2 in. (105.4 cm)
Lent by the City of Norfolk, VA

In the Middle Ages, a mace would have been used as a weapon to crush metal armor.  Its spiked head was greatly feared.  In later times maces, like this one, were used as symbols of honor to acknowledge the presence of a public official.  Norfolk’s historic mace was commissioned by a British colonial administrator who served as lieutenant governor of colonial Virginia.  The mace symbolizes the governor’s power which came from the king of England.  The mace is made of interlocking sections of silver and adorned with emblems of Great Britain.  Symbols representing England, France, Ireland, and Scotland embellish the surface.  They stood for the regions claimed by the English king. The Norfolk Mace is the only city mace in the United Stated that still resides in the city that commissioned it, Norfolk,VA.