Artist: Philip Evergood
Title: Music, 1933-1959

Oil on canvas
67 x 119 1/2 in. (170.2 x 303.5 cm)
Gift of Walter P. Chrysler, Jr., in memory of Jack Forker Chrysler

When musical sounds blend, there is harmony. This same word can be used to describe the mix of musicians and instruments in this painting. There are adults and children from different cultures, along with instruments of all shapes, sizes, and sounds. The artist, Philip Evergood, who is also a musician, even included himself in the painting. He wears a white shirt and conducts the group while holding a violin. He painted Music in 1933 for a wall in the meeting room of the Pierre Degeyter Club in New York. This was a place where freethinkers and artists gathered to meet and exchange ideas. With this painting Evergood encouraged people to respect each other and equality for all.