Canopic Jar: Javan Muntjac

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William Morris (American, b. 1957)
Canopic Jar: Javan Muntjac, 1995
Blown glass with hot applications

William Morris’ canopic jar sculptures were inspired by ancient Egyptian funerary practices. The four human organs that could not be preserved as part of a mummy were embalmed in a set of jars. The ancient jars were small (usually less than ten inches high) and the heads on their lids represented the Egyptian deity who was guardian of the particular organ that the jar contained.  Morris, however, worked in a far grander scale and portrayed animals of his choice including those native to North America, such as the coyote, panther, and elk, as well as the more exotic creatures of Africa, Asia, and the East Indies. This sculpture depicts a small deer native to the island of Java. 

© William Morris, 1995