Reclining Drapery Impression,

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Karen LaMonte (American, b. 1967)
Reclining Drapery Impression, 2009
Cast glass

Karen LaMonte’s extraordinary translucent cast-glass dresses explore the nature of clothing as a non-spoken language. Her sculptures appear light, airy, and ethereal—they are the floating “foot print” of a human presence. LaMonte’s influences include ancient marble sculptures, contemporary and historical clothing, and early-twentieth-century French fashion designs. 
Born and schooled in New York, LaMonte now lives in the Czech Republic, where she has worked for the past 10 years. LaMonte employs a lost-wax casting technique to make her large glass castings. The complex process involves making a wax model of a body draped with clothing.  Molds are made from these models and then cast in glass at a foundry in northern Czech Republic. 

© Karen LaMonte