Portrait of Germaine Faipoult de Maisoncelle and her daughter Julie Playing the Spinet

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Gioacchino Giuseppe Serangeli
Italian (1768–1852)
Portrait of Germaine Faipoult de Maisoncelle, ca. 1799
Oil on canvas

Though born in Italy, Serangeli's career unfolded in Paris, where by the mid-1790s he had become one of the most important disciples of the great French neoclassical painter Jacque-Louis David. In the decade that followed, Serangeli established himself as a leading portraitist of the new ruling class then emerging in Paris with the rise of Napoleon following the French Revolution. The painting's subject, Maisoncelle, stood at the center of the social and political life of Napoleonic Europe. Her husband, Guillaume-Charles, served as France's Minister of Finance in 1795 and as its Ambassador to Italy in l796–99.