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Happy 5th Birthday Gallery Hosts

Happy 5th Birthday Gallery Hosts

Oct 27, 2012

Come enjoy a mini-cupcake in honor of our Gallery Host program's 5th anniversary. It's all free, and we're open today from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Now here's the backstory.

In October 2007, the Chrysler Museum leadership team envisioned a new echelon of staff member. These employees would have three main duties: to provide visitors with a genuine, warm welcome; to protect the works of art in our galleries; and to ensure guests have a great experience at the Chrysler.

Colleen Higginbotham, our then-new Director of Visitor Services, had these simple goals in mind when she created the Gallery Host program five years ago. She began by pulling interested staff members from the Chrysler’s existing Security team and adding new employees who had customer service backgrounds, then training them all to achieve those three goals.

Their training focused on front-line customer service, assisting various types of visitors, emergency procedures, and how to answer a long list of common questions. They also started to learn more about the art collection and the galleries that would be their home most of the workday. They expanded this base of knowledge with weekly educationalsessions focusing on techniques for engaging our visitors and information about our art collection, exhibitions, and two Historic Houses.

It’s training that continues today, and has grown over the years.

Mini-cupcakes available while supplies last.

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