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Mar 29, 2013. - Dec 31, 2018.

Adeline's Portal

A Conceptual Installation by Beth Lipman

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Beth Lipman's installation Adeline's Portal. Click image to enlarge. Photo by Ed Pollard.

The work of Beth Lipman, in town from Wisconsin as part of our Artist in Residence program, has been described as a still life in glass. For this piece she conceptualized the life of Adeline Myers, who lived in this home in the early 1800s, by way of the objects of her everyday life.

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Beth Lipman in the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio with an enlarged version of Adeline's needlepoint sampler. See the glass version in the photos below, and click this image to enlarge.

Adeline was born to a prosperous family, was well educated and well versed in social graces. Set to be married in 1819, her fiance died just days before the wedding date, and she never courted again. When she died in 1832, it was said that even after all those years, she died of a broken heart.

Lipman, with additional work by our Studio Assistants, crafted this installation in March 2013. She and the team translated to glass everything from Adeline's beloved birdcage to a glass version of her needlepoint sampler.

This exhibition is on view at the Moses Myers House, 323 E. Freemason St., on Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. Admission is free.