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May 10, 2014. - Aug 31, 2014.

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Gustave Jean Jacquet
Lady with a Fan

Oil on canvas
Late 19th century
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Our newly redesigned Community Gallery featured works selected by the public in two months of online voting.

There were 40 nominated artworks, each picked by a Chrysler curator, and more than 1,200 entries were received. Posted here are the five works that received the most votes.

The top vote-getter, included on a third of all ballots, is shown at right. Gustave Jean Jacquet was a top student of Adolphe-William Bouguereau and his work was regularly featured in the Paris Salon up until his death in 1909.

With the rise of modernist painting, Jacquet's French academic classical style fell out of favor. His obvious technical skill shines to this day, but in the long march of art history, his fame faded quickly. You can find another of his works, Girl Minstrel, in a second-floor gallery.

Frank Weston Benson
The Landing

Oil on canvas

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