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Jun 29, 2008. - Dec 30, 2012.

Cameo Performances

Masterpieces of Cameo Glass from the Chrysler Collection

This exhibition features several pieces considered to be among the very finest of the craft.

• George and Thomas Woodall's cameo glass plaque Intruders is unequivocally one of the greatest cameo glass masterpieces of the 19th century. George Woodall succeeded in creating the illusion of perspective in an amazingly shallow space (the distance between the rim and the back is less than inch).

The Dragon Vase, an elegant Thomas Webb blue and white cameo glass in Chinese taste, features aspects done in unusually high relief.

• And the star of the show, John Northwood's acclaimed Milton Vase. This high neck vase with handles is carved in high relief with images based on Milton's ”Paradise Lost.”

The Intruders
George Woodall
ca. 1900
Blown | Cased | Acid-etched glass | Cameo-carved glass

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