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Oct 13, 2012. - Dec 30, 2012.

Charlotte Potter

Traditional Glass Cameo With A 21st Century Twist

An engaging work of contemporary glass art by Charlotte Potter combines the ancient techniques of cameo carving and the modern world of Facebook.

the artist in cameo

The artist in cameo. Click image to enlarge.

To create Charlotte’s Web, the artist collected the profile pictures of all 864 of her Facebook friends. She then made a small cameo glass portrait of each.

Potter mounted the portraits as pendants and then arranged them on the wall by the geographic location where she first met that individual. A network of fine chains connecting the portraits creates a web of friendship—a visual map of the artist’s personal and professional connections.

"My work explores the space between myself and others," Potter said, "both tangibly and metaphysically."

Potter, a conceptual artist and designer, holds a B.F.A. from Alfred University and an M.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design. Trained as a traditional glassblower, Potter has been a pioneer in developing glass as a performance and conceptual medium.

Locally, she may be best known as the Manager of the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio, but her acclaim as an artist is growing. She recently performed a glass art performance piece in Norway, and this installation was originally crafted for an exhibition called Fusion: A New Century of Glass.

That exhibition featured 20 up-and-coming glass artists at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. That museum featured Potter in a short film discussing her work, and we thank the OKCMOA for the use of the video here.

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Cameo detail.
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