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Oct 20, 2010. - Sep 18, 2011.

Contrast: Interactive Work by Daniel Rozin

A work by Daniel Rozin

An example of Daniel Rozin's interactive works. Shown here is Mirror No. 10 (Sketch Mirror), 2009, custom software, computer, video camera and screen. Click image to enlarge.

Daniel Rozin's work combines art, technology, and you the viewer to create a distinctive artistic experience.

Thanks to the use of video projection and sophisticated programming, you become part of the art. Rozin's installations react, reflect, or change based on the movements or perspective of the viewer.

Part sculpture, part mirror, part screen, his works often defy easy categorization, but one thing is clear. His installations have been featured in galleries and museums around the world.

It's important to note that while computers and machinery play a key role in his digital interactive installations, the science behind the work is invisible. What you will see the most is people laughing, jumping, waving, moving—all enjoying the work of this cutting-edge artist.

The Chrysler Museum of Art will feature five interactive installations by Rozin through Sept. 18, 2011. Admission to this exhibition is free.

Non-flash photography and videography is not only allowed, it is encouraged! Better yet, snap some pix and then share them on our Facebook page.

Brushed Steel Mirror

Daniel Rozin
Stainless steel discs, motors, electronics, camera.

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In a world where analog has been replaced by digital, this piece does the reverse. Digital input is converted to analog, as the mirrors become become pixels