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Jan 1, 2010. - Jul 3, 2011.

Dutch Golden Age Paintings

Outstanding painting lit by candlelight

Thanks to the generosity of a New York-based private collector and the support of Linda H. Kaufman, the Chrysler is proud to be able to share this group of outstanding pictures from the “Golden Age” of Dutch painting.

On view along with a wonderful display of antitques in the Kaufman Furniture Galley, you'll find works by:

  • Godfried Schalken
    A master of capturing the allure of candlelight.
  • Gerard TerBorch
    If for no other reason, come look at his An Elegant Woman in person and try to fathom the level of skill required to paint her translucent lace collar.
Two portraits of Rembrandt side by side

Wonderful story behind Isaac De Jouderville's 1641 oil-on-wood painting Portrait of Rembrandt in Oriental Costume. Jouderville was one of Rembrandt van Rijn's first pupils and most devoted disciples, and this painting is a copy of Rembrandt's own Self-Portrait as an Oriental. . It was such a remarkably close copy Rembrandt went back and painted in the poodle to clearly distinguish the two. Rembrandt's painting can be found in the Musee de Petit Palais in Paris.