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Nov 2, 2011. - Mar 17, 2012.


A Fresh Look At Our Modern And Contemporary Art Collections

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Whitfield Lovell, Freedom, 2001, charcoal | wood | rifle. Click image to enlarge.

The Chrysler shakes up the -isms of art history in a thought-provoking exhibition of its contemporary art collection. remix explores the art of the past few decades through 90 never- or rarely exhibited works from the Chrysler’s incredible vaults interspersed with a handful of contemporary classics regularly on view.

The exhibition shuffles the Museum’s contemporary collection through six thematic groupings that traverse time. Sections on “Identity Politics,” “Tell Me A Story: Art and Narrative,” “Mirror, Mirror: Reflections of Self,” “Remembering History,” “Inversing Reality,” and “Mediation” connect a diverse range of artists and works, and show their parallel engagements within society, culture, and the visual arts.

Works of art include those by Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Christian Boltanski, Eduardo Paolozzi, Cindy Sherman, Robert Colescott, Whitfield Lovell, Willie Cole, and Jean-Christian Bourcart, among others.

Vija Clemins
Colored mezzotint

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