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Jan 28, 2016. - May 22, 2016.

New Light on Land

Photographs from the Chrysler Collection

19th century photo of the French Alps

Louis-Auguste Bisson and Auguste-Rosalie Bisson, Gust of Wind on Mount Blanc, albumen print (photograph) from wet collodion negative, ca. 1860. Click image to enlarge.

Whether pastoral or polluted, the landscape has been an enduring subject in the history of photography. New Light on Land draws from the Museum's rich photography collection to explore how nature has inspired photographic innovation and creativity since the advent of the medium.

Presented as a companion to Edward Burtynsky: Water, this exhibition offers eclectic perspectives from environmentalist critiques to grand visions of the untrammeled earth.

This exhibition runs through May 15, 2016, and admission is free.

20th century photo of a farm and farm workers

Dorothea Lange, Men Cradling Wheat, Near Sperryville, Virginia, June 1936, gelatin silver print, 1984. Click image to enlarge.