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Aug 17, 2017. - Feb 18, 2018.

Root and Flower

The Natural World of Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora C. Mace

Linnaea Borealis, Twin Flower

Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora C. Mace, Linnaea Borealis, Twin Flower, 2015, Flower, composite, glass, paint, and steel

Alphabet of Flowers, 2012, Blown glass, crushed glass powder, glass thread drawing Photo courtesy of the artist

Alphabet of Flowers, 2012
Blown glass, crushed glass powder, glass thread drawing
All photos courtesy of the artists

Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace are intimately connected to the natural world and deeply engaged with the world they study. On their farm in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, they find inspiration that translates into realistic drawings of tree roots and a countless array of wildflowers that they dissect, reassemble, and preserve in a forever state with resin and glass.

As partners in life and artistic endeavors, Kirkpatrick and Mace began their collaboration more than three decades ago when they met at Pilchuck Glass School, near Seattle. Their humanistic work encapsulates their personal relationship to nature through explorations with glass, wood, metal, and drawings.