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Oct 29, 2013. - Jan 11, 2014.


At the Selden Arcade

This is an exhibition that packs a year's worth of seasons—and 35 artworks from 27 artists—in a single visit to the Selden Arcade. Local artists were asked to submit a work inspired by Jennifer Steinkamp's Orbit 3, one of the most popular digital works in the Chrysler collection. The artworks on display were selected by Jeff Harrison, chief curator at the Chrysler.

Steinkamp's Orbit 3 can be seen here (with the QuickTime plugin required).

Truthfully no web version does justice to this colorful, flowing vision of the seasonal cycles of trees. It's immersive, it's beautiful, and it's free.

The Chrysler’s Selden Arcade gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. The Selden Arcade is located at 208 E. Main St. in downtown Norfolk. Convenient parking can be found in the nearby MacArthur Center or the municipal Main Street and Waterside garages.

Al Benas
Pear Blossoms

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