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Apr 21, 2016. - Aug 21, 2016.

Tony Oursler

TC: The Most Interesting Man Alive

Tony Oursler titled his collaborative work about Tony Conrad TC: The Most Interesting Man Alive.

Sadly, Conrad did not live to see the April 21 premiere of his own biopic. He had died two weeks earlier in Buffalo, N.Y., where he had taught art and media for decades.

He had been fighting prostate cancer and pneumonia.

"You don’t know who I am," Conrad once told The Guardian, "but somehow, indirectly, you’ve been affected by things I did."

That sentiment becomes clear when reading The New York Times obituary of the avant-garde filmmaker and musician. You can watch excerpts of the experimental movie that put him on the art-world map, The Flicker, here.

Oursler is an American artist known for his imaginative multimedia art and installations. His short movie focusing on Conrad is described as an "improvisational biopic" that "explores how personal histories become the building blocks of creative possibilities."

For more on Oursler, here's a short video where he's discussing an installation called Influence Machine at the Tate Modern in Britian. Here is a Art in Progress video from the Reserve Channel that offers an in-depth look at Oursler's work. Also of note is this slideshow of his studio and home. It was described by the Times Magazine as "gorgeously eccentric."

His 1996 multimedia work Alien Eye is on view in our Contemporary Galleries. Oursler's video can be found in our first-floor gallery dedicated to digital media artists, The Box. Works there are on loan from Lehmann Maupin, New York.