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Street Performances in Virginia Arts Festival

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A scene from an earlier interactive installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Click image to enlarge

As part of the Chrysler Museum Roadshow, we'll be presenting performance art outdoors as part of the Virginia Arts Festival.

It's a partnership with the Norfolk Consortium and the Festival, and our goal is to have events spill out of theatres and onto the streets of Norfolk. We'll be releasing further details as the dates grow closer, but here are two can't-miss highlights:

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Airborne
This interactive installation transforms a blank wall into a towering shadow play that changes as viewers move. As participants project their shadows on the wall, computerized monitors map the shadow lines to video projections of bellowing smoke and clouds of text.

Airborne will be on view, beginning at dusk, from April 18–28, on the wall of the parking garage just across Charlotte Street from Scope Plaza. If you're attending other Festival events, it will be hard to miss while making your way home. Come dance with shadows. It's free.

Strange Fruit, Swoon
It's not hype to say this Australian troupe must be seen to be believed, as evidenced in this short YouTube showreel linked below. They will present multiple performances daily May 10-14 at the Festival Green Space on Bank Street in Norfolk, and for further details, click here. The performances are free.