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Perry Glass Studio: Get Fired Up

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Free Daily Demos

We present FREE daily demonstrations at noon every Tuesday through Sunday. For a taste of what's in store, see one of our favorite stories ever (it's from Distinction Magazine). One of our favorite things to do at noon is work off the "You Draw It, We Make It" board.

Take A Class

Offerings range from family-friendly special sessions with no experience required to evening or one-day workshops. You can work your way up from novice to Ninja, and you can see all classes in all categories in our online catalog.

Third Thursdays

On the third Thursday of every month, we combine music, adult beverages and glass art as performance art. These events routinely sell out, so pick up your tickets early on the night of the show. You can find full details here.

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Imagery on Glass for Artists

A very special weekend workshop is coming up Nov. 12-13, as Charlotte Potter, the Chrysler's Glass Studio Manager and Programming Director, will be personally teaching a survey class designed for artists who want to expand their horizons.

For those who want to see the dramatic effects possible with translating their images or drawings onto glass, this survey workshop will provide examples of engraving, sandblasting, photo transfer techniques, cameo, decals, painting, stencils, and screen-printing on glass.

For full details, and to sign up online, click here.

Come visit.

Come visit! Every seat is a good seat, the TV monitors are great for close-ups, and demos are free.

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