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Glass Studio Visiting Artists

Nancy Callan and Katherine Gray

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Nancy Callan and Katherine Gray are highly respected artists who travel extensively as part of the glass art scene.

For more than a decade, Callan has been a member of Lino Tagliapietra’s glassblowing team and has traveled throughout the world as his assistant. Her work can be found in many museums and private collections, including the personal collection of Elton John.

Gray is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and has won numerous awards. She originally studied furniture and lighting, but after investigating glass to get better at that kind of work, she fell in love with glass art. As she once put it: "I'm fascinated that glass is this ubiquitous material whose main purpose is to be invisible."

For a video of Callan at a TEDxEast talk, click here. For a video of Gray doing a project similar to what she did here during 2009's Art of Glass II, click here.

Shown at top, from left to right, from Nancy Callan: Narcissus, blown glass, 2013. Kinda Blue, blown and etched glass, 2011. Iman, blown glass, 2013. Artwork courtesy of the artist's website,

Shown below, from left to right, from Katherine Gray: Sun Study, glass and acrylic, 2011. Broken Bow, glass, 2011. Artwork courtesy of the artist's website,

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