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Classes and Workshops

The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio offers classes and workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels, and you can see a full catalogue of our course offerings here. We also offer short video previews of our classes to whet the appetite. When signing up, be advised that glass art must be cooled to room temperature slowly, so the items you create will need to be picked up (or shipped) at a later date. Your instructor will provide pickup details related to your specific class. Sign up online or by calling 757-333-6299.


Glassblowing is the art or process that begins by taking a pipe and gathering molten glass from the furnace. It can then be formed or shaped with tools and by blowing air into it.


Flameworking (also known as lampworking) uses a gas-fueled torch to melt glass rods and tubes. Once in a molten state, the glass is formed by blowing and shaping with tools.


Glass Fusing is the process of cutting flat sheets of glass, assembling them together and adhering them in a kiln. These flat plates or tiles can then be “slumped” into molds to create platters or bowls.

Solid Sculpting involves shaping molten glass on the end of a long metal rod, however, there is no hollow bubble inside. Glass working tools, heat and gravity are used to achieve the final shape.


Sandcasting is the process of pressing forms into sand to create a mold. This mold is then filled with molten glass using a ladle.


Coldworking is done using various tools to cut, grind, carve and polish glass at room temperature. Desirable surface designs and textures can be achieved through this process.


Kilncasting is the process of creating a mold out of plaster and silica. This mold is then filled with glass and fired in a kiln.