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Free Daily Demos at Noon

Every day at noon we host a free glass art demonstration. From something popular with kids, such as the Prince Rupert's Drop shown above, to something featuring famous artists, we prove our Museum motto every day: Always changing, always free.

Some demos feature ideas submitted in drawings from our visitors. On Sundays, the artist featured in our Vestibule 102 exhibition is the lead artist. On some visits you will find subjects topical to the season, such as using a Jack O'lantern as a glass mold, or crafting a Thanksgiving turkey out of glass, as shown here and here. Famous creatures can show up, too, such as The Lorax or Q*bert.

Sometimes the demos are just a great exercise in creativity. When the local hockey team was on a hot streak and in the playoffs, why, it was only natural to turn the Glass Studio into a rink. For more on the daily fun, see the gallery below.