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Minkoff Foundation Residency

Sarah Gilbert, the Inaugural 4Front Artist

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Sarah Gilbert at work in our Studio. In this project, her process starts with a body part cast. A mold is made via the lost-wax process. She prepares the glass then blows it into the mold to produce a form such as this.


A work by Sarah Gilbert

An example of how Sarah Gilbert combined classic forms and human elements. Click image to enlarge.

The Robert M. Minkoff Foundation, in partnership the Chrysler Museum of Art, sponsored Sarah Gilbert as the inaugural artist for 4Front: Innovation from All Angles, a residency at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.

Gilbert was selected after an international search and competitive submission process. Her project, Laboring, involved body castings of members from the Hampton Roads community, and will be the subject of an upcoming documentary. Selected pieces are now on view at the Studio.

Gilbert, an artist and educator based in Portland, Oregon, is a graduate of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work spans a wide range of materials and processes, and is detailed in depth at

The Robert M. Minkoff Foundation is focused on furthering the use of glass in the field of contemporary art and advancing technical knowledge about glass art processes.