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Glass Studio Visiting Artist: Richard Marquis

You know you've had a good career when you have not one but two lifetime achievement awards. So it goes with Richard Marquis, one of the first Americans to ever work in a Venetian glass factory, and a major player in the American Studio Glass movement.

Born in Arizona and educated at Cal-Berkeley, his year in Murano, Italy came as the result of a 1969 Fulbright Scholarship. By 2010 his fame had grown to the point where he had come full circle. He had a solo exhibition in Venice.

His work often contains an element of humor, and he has pieces in museum collections across the United States and around the world. You can find his work not only in museums with strong glass collections—Corning or Toledo, for instance—but also in places such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

While widely considered a top-flight artist, he's also proud of his teaching. As he explains on his website: "The effect of Venetian glassblowing techniques on American Studio Glass enabled glass artists to expand their technical vocabularies and, combined with new and experimental approaches, led to the redefinition of glass as an artistic medium."

You can see an eight-minute video on Marquis' work made during his appearance last year at the Corning Museum of Glass. It's part of that museum's series Masters of Studio Glass.

Two books of his works have been published. Here's Richard Marquis Objects at Barnes & Noble, and here's The Way of the Artist at Amazon.

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