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Glass Studio Visiting Artist: Tom Moore

October 16-18

Tom Moore is an Australian glass artist who likes to combine natural and industrial elements and place them into dreamlike landscapes.

Come visit.

Tom Moore at work in our Studio. Click to enlarge.

His creations, including Plantbird, Torpedoshark, and Potatofishcar blur the line between plants, animals and machines. He says he is inspired by sites such as old wrecked cars that have been overgrown by plants, what he calls "the triumph of nature over industry."

The graduate of the Canberra School of Art is currently working on his Ph.D. He's spent the last dozen years at Jam Factory in Adelaide, a combination studio/gallery art space. He's described there as "one of Australia's leading contemporary glass artists."

Come visit.

LEFT: Tom Moore, Picklemobile. RIGHT: Tom Moore, Fancy Fish Car. Click to enlarge.

Come visit.

Tom Moore, Confederacy of Amalgamated Figments, 2013. Click to enlarge.