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Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Team

Charlotte Potter

Charlotte Potter
Glass Studio Manager & Programming Director • (757) 333-6286
Charlotte Potter, originally from Vermont, is an artist and designer who uses glass and new media. She received her B.F.A. from Alfred University and an M.F.A. from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she was an instructor. Charlotte co-founded the Cirque de Verre, a glass performance troupe that has dazzled audiences at numerous studios and museums nationwide.

Robin Rogers

Robin Rogers, Glass Studio Assistant Manager • (757) 333-6322
Robin Rogers, a native of Central Ohio, began working with glass in 1995. He earned a B.F.A. from the Columbus College of Art & Design and an M.F.A. from Southern Illinois University. His primary technical focus is sculpting glass forms, and he incorporates electronics and video into much of his work. Robin has worked in glass studios nationwide and ran his own glass business in Missoula, Montana.

Robert. Click to enlarge.

Robert Holtzscheiter, Administrative Coordinator & Class Registrar • (757) 333-6299
Robert's the man at the desk, the voice on the phone, the helper in all things.

If you follow the life rule that, secretly, admins run everything, then you know Robert's role.

Staff Instructors

Josh Dewall

Josh DeWall

Josh was born and raised in Galena Illinois. From a young age he was attracted to the medium of glass and upon graduation from high school, it became his lifelong commitment. He received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Southern Illinois University and is a MFA candidate from The Rochester Institute of Technology. He has worked nationwide as a glass gaffer, designer, assistant, instructor, and artist at institutions such as the Pittsburgh Glass Center, The Rochester Institute of Technology, Snow Farm, Williamsburg MA, and Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.

Joan click to enlarge

Joan Biddle

Joan was born in Herndon, VA, and received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. Now living and working in Norfolk, she discovered glassblowing through her studies at school and has pursued further education in the field through scholarships to attend classes at places such as the Corning Museum of Glass, Penland School of Crafts and Pilchuck Glass School. She has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio in May 2014.

Adjunct Faculty

Julia Rogers

Julia Rogers

Julia is a sculptor who focuses on installation and performance art using glass, metal, and other materials. She holds a B.F.A. from Southern Illinois University and an M.F.A. from Bowling Green State University. Originally from Oregon, Julia owned and operated the Missoula School of Hot Glass in Missoula, Montana, and taught at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Hannah Kirkpatrick

Hannah Kirkpatrick

Hannah received her B.F.A. with a concentration in glass from the Rhode Island School of Design. The New Jersey native has been a teaching assistant at both RISD and Pilchuck Glass School. At the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Hannah teaches teasers and workshops, assists the Studio team, and is developing a range of new work and skills.

Kathy Little

Kathy Little

Kathy, who hails from California, brings 30 years of experience and a robust enthusiasm to her glass practice. She draws inspiration from organic forms and Southern culture, and is knowledgeable in multiple glass techniques. Kathy owns and operates her own glass studio in Suffolk, Virginia, and teaches fusing and other classes at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.

Kristi Totoritis

Kristi Totoritis

Born in San Diego California, Kristi's work explores the dichotomy of different cultures and their approach to the cycle of life. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Glass and a minor in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has studied at numerous institutions nationwide including Pilchuck Glass School, Pittsburgh Glass Center, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Bullseye Resource Center and the Penland School of Crafts.

Laura click to enlarge

Laura McFie

Laura is a Hampton Roads transplant. While obtaining a B.S in business at ODU, she randomly took a glassblowing class at TCC. She immediately fell in love with the molten material and forever altered her life. She has since immersed herself in classes, workshops, teaching, and exhibiting her creations throughout the region. With an appreciation of both performance and teamwork, she's fit right in at the Studio.

Josh click to enlarge

Joshua Solomon

This award-winning glass artist, born in Oceanside, NY and a graduate of Bard College, credits a serendipitous 1999 encounter with a gypsy as his introduction to glassblowing. In 2001, concurrent with his studies at Bard, Joshua began an apprenticeship with glass artist Barry Entner in Rhinebeck, NY. Over the next six years he learned many non-traditional glass blowing and casting techniques. In 2007, Joshua moved to Staunton, VA to further explore his own designs and work with glass artist Minh Martin. With his move to Norfolk in 2011, Joshua focused mainly on commissions and one-of-a-kind works. In the fall of 2012 he joined the assistantship program at the Chrysler Museum's glass studio, and his association with the Studio expands with each passing year.


Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Assistants

Assistantships are designed for students who have completed an initial course of glass study (B.F.A./A.A. or multiple workshops) and are looking to gain practical, professional studio experience in a Museum setting. Studio Assistants help with public glass demonstrations, classes, and general operations of the Studio for up to 10 hours a week for four months. The assistantship is unpaid, but offers many perks, including the opportunity to build skills, perform, teach, and assist world-recognized Visiting Artists. For more information, click here.


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