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Studio Policy: Repairs and Commissions

Thank you for your interest in the Chrysler Museum Perry Glass Studio. Our mission is to be an educational facility that supports the Chrysler Museum collection. Though we are often asked questions about glass, the scope of our work is very specific.

The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio does not take on repair work of any kind. We are, however, happy to provide a referral sheet of individuals who can occasionally take on repair work as workload permits.

Please do not bring your piece to the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio for consultation. We cannot assume any responsibility or liability for your belongings.

Many people do not realize that existing works in glass cannot be refused, re-melted, or retooled. Because of the many chemical compositions of glass, attempts to repair existing pieces by adding new glass are almost always unsuccessful. Usually, the entire piece will break. Typical repair options are to:

  • Glue the piece back together. If it is a clean break and you have all the pieces, a clear UV glue may help. Optically, the piece will always have a crack. If you plan to seek professional repairs in the future, you must have all of the broken parts.
  • Cut off or remove the broken area. Cutting thick glass is work best left to a professional.
  • Remake the piece. A skilled artist may be able to create a replica of your original.

The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio does not take on commissions.

The Glass Studio staff has clear duties and work hours. As part of their employment here, they do not accept commissions to create works of art for individuals or businesses.

The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio offers a courtesy facilitation service.

The Glass Studio will, as workload permits, help facilitate contact between you and an artist who may be capable of fabricating your commission. To take advantage of this free service, please fill out our request form.

Thank you very much for your inquiry. We wish you the best in your commission or repair.