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The Glass Studio Assistantship Program

Assistants at work. Or play.

The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio is now accepting applications for the Spring 2017 session.

—The 2017 Glass Art Society Conference will be in Norfolk June 1-3, 2017

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Here, in a series of pop-up photographs, is how your assistantship will go.

You'll further your education, have fun, hone your skills, and have fun.

You'll exhibit your work in a solo show, as seen here, here, here, and here.

You'll advance your career by learning from top artists. You'll have fun, you'll take part in special projects, and you'll be hanging with creative people who like to set things on fire.

And in the just-saying department, we once had a Third Thursday performance night end with a marriage proposal.

Applications for the Jan. 15–July 15, 2017 term are due by midnight on Monday, Oct. 10.

Orientation: If selected, there is a weeklong orientation process prior to the start date.

Of note: All Chrysler Museum Studio Staff and Adjunct Professors are graduates of the Assistantship. The Studio has hired exclusively from our pool of more than 60 alumni.

The Studio Assistantship is an educational opportunity designed for emerging artists who have recently completed an undergraduate degree program in glass, or who are pursuing a professional career working in glass. This program provides practical, professional studio experience in a museum setting. Studio Assistants contribute to the Studio's operations by assisting with public glass demonstrations, public and college classes, maintenance, AV, and special events for up to 20 hours a week for the duration of the term. As Studio Assistants are in the public eye and are part of the community face of the Museum, it is a requirement that Assistants have strong verbal and interpersonal skills and be willing and eager to be a positive contributing member of the team. The physical ability to lift up to 50 pounds and significant glassblowing experience are requirements

There are two competitive six-month assistantship sessions per year:
   SPRING SEMESTER: Jan. 15–July 15
   FALL SEMESTER: July 15–Jan. 15

The Assistantship is an unpaid artist residency program. Housing and personal studio space are not provided. Therefore, Assistants often seek part-time work to help cover these costs. Those individuals with jobs are given priority when scheduling.

Each Studio Assistant is assigned the following weekly responsibilities:

  1. Two dedicated days to support the Studio programming (8 hours x 2=16 hours)
  2. Weekly studio team meeting and cleanup (4 hours)
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Some of the top glass artists working today have visited the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio, and our Assistants get to work with, and learn from, these masters. Click here to see the level of talent you can expect.

In exchange for their dedication and time Assistants are provided the following:

  1. Weekly three hours mentored professional development workshops (see detailed curriculum outlined below)
  2. FREE personal studio space in adjacent building with 24 hour access.
  3. FREE technical skill sessions that address different topics each session driven by Assistant interests, including pate de verre, stained glass, neon, flameworking, Rayzist, decals, and blowing.
  4. Studio Access from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., seven days a week (with some additional evening hours). Public hours are Tuesday–Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  5. Two hours a week of personal hot shop time (and assist their partner for 2 hours).
  6. Full access to the cold shop during Studio open hours.
  7. Kiln access, restricted to space availability.
  8. Gallery space to mount a solo exhibition.
  9. Half scholarship awards to staff-taught classes.
  10. Participation commission-free in the Studio's quarterly sales.
  11. FREE Museum Member benefits.
  12. The opportunity to work with world-recognized masters in our Visiting Artist Series, Guest Instructor classes, and innovative Third Thursday evening performances. This is one of the more unique aspects of the program.
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Studio Assistants exhibit their work in our just-inside-the-front-door gallery. Take a look at previous exhibitors and see how you stack up.

Weekly professional development workshops address the following:

  1. Behind-the-scenes looks into museum careers with tours of the Chrysler Museum collection, conservation, storage, and Jean Outland Chrysler Library’s research facilities.
  2. Research the Chrysler Museum collection and design/propose a project in response.
  3. Writing workshops, including personal biography, artist statement, resume, and museums proposal development/review.
  4. Artist documentation and image archiving practices.
  5. Business cards, website development, and newsletter production.
  6. Public speaking seminar.
  7. Basic artist business practices: invoicing, pricing, accounting, and taxes.
  8. Best application practices and submission for three different artist opportunities.
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Studio Assistants play a key role in our Third Thursday evenings of glass art as performance art. Click the image above to see our video library of applied imagination and fun.

The traveling Assistant Position goes to a recent M.F.A. graduate: During each session, the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio accepts one Traveling Assistant. This positon will be awarded to a recent M.F.A. graduate. The Museum provides a free apartment for this Assistant during the duration of their term since the Traveler typically comes from further afar to participate in this certificate program. The Traveler has additional responsibilities and is expected to have more glass and studio practice experience. The Museum is not able to sponsor or facilitate visas.

Please note in your letter of interest if you are applying specifically for this position.


  1. Recent MFA graduates are eligible for the Traveling Studio Assistant position which provides free housing.
  2. Recent graduates with BFA or BA in glass or similar experience in the field are eligible for the Studio Assistantship.
  3. Students enrolled in college are not eligible due to time restrictions.

Applicants should submit the following electronically:

  1. A letter of interest outlining studio experience and personal goals for the program.
  2. Current resume.
  3. Up to five images of their work, or a link to their online portfolio.
  4. List of three references with contact information.

Please do not exceed 10 MB in combined email attachment size or send data in multiple emails. Email all materials to Charlotte Potter, Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Programming Director, at The email subject line should read "Studio Assistantship Application."

Previously accepted Assistants may reapply for additional terms, and, if selected, work up to two sessions. After the year term is complete, they officially graduate from the program and cannot continue to volunteer at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.