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Glass Studio Video Library

Our video library is in three categories. We have short previews of our most popular classes, coverage of our visiting artists, and multiple tastes of what it's like to attend our Third Thursday/Third Wednesday music and glass performance art series.

Glass Class Previews

Introductory glassblowing is our most popular offering, and the easiest way to start is to sign up for special session to make a champagne paperweight.

Flameworking is the process of using a torch to manipulate glass rods, and can be used for everything from jewelry to sculpture.

Stained glass is an easy-to-learn art form and it's a great class to take with a friend.

Glass fusing is another form of glass art where much of the work is done on a tabletop. It's also a way you can learn what "grozers" are.

Visiting Artist Series

In early 2015 we were pleased to host Emilio Santini.

In 2014 we had appearances by Martin Janecky, Richard Marquis, and Nancy Callan working with Katherine Gray.


Lino Tagliapietra, a true ground-breaker in the glass art field, helped us open our Glass Studio in grand fashion.

The opening video for our Visiting Artist Series focused on a visit by three well-known glass artists, Benjamin Moore, Dante Marioni and Janusz Pozniak.

Gianni Toso. No hyperbole to call him one of the world's great flameworkers. His family has been in the glass business for seven centuries—that's not a misprint— and for an Echard Wheeler video of his visit. click here.

The de la Torre Brothers. Influenced by folk traditions of Mexico, Einar and Jamex de la Torre created wildly imaginative figures while working in our Studio. More.

John Miller is known for make gigantic foodstuffs out of glass, and during his well-attended visit, his energy and humor were matched only by his skill in manipulating large objects.

Laura Donefer delighted spectators during her visit with the creation of her signature glass amulet baskets.

Fritz Dreisbach, a founding father of the Studio Glass movement sometimes referred to as "The Johnny Appleseed of Glass" closed out our 2013 Visiting Artists program with his December visit.

The Burnt Asphalt Family. Long before Third Wednesday became an official series, Norfolk got a preview of what was to come. The Burnt Asphalt family mixed glass art, cooking and fun.

Opening Week Highlights. Back when we opened in November 2011, we had guest artists every day for a week. Here's a five-minute roundup.

Glass Art as Performance Art

Photo by Echard Wheeler. Click to enlarge.

On the Third Thursday of every month the Studio stays open after hours for events that combine live music and glass art performances. Prior to 2014, the events were held on Third Wednesdays.

August 2015
An outstanding evening of entertainment as Doreen Garner turned the Studio into an operating room. To the music of local jazz maestros 504 Supreme, she performed The Gross Clinic.

July 2015
The Studio Assistants matched music with pulsing flames and glass in a performance they called Reverb. The music was provided by Karacell.

June 2015
Two artists in town to teach a special workshop took full advantage of the fun in performance glass. Randy Walker and Ross Richmond joined with the reggae band Antero for as much fun as we've seen. The R&R show was called Alice in Reggaeland.

May 2015
Brooklyn strong! Glass artist Christopher Duffy teamed up with the Brooklyn-based band Eaters for Descending Pitch.

April 2015
Karen Donnellan and a group of Alfred University students joined up with musician Daniel Neale in Mellifera. In case we don't say this often enough, the video was shot and edited by official Friend-of-the-Studio Echard Wheeler.

March 2015
Sarah Gilbert and Pato Hebert combined to present Our Fragile Bubble / A Thousand Calamities.

February 2015
Glass, Form and Sound was presented by Angus Powers.

January 2015
For Radiant Intensity, Suzanne Peck combined glass art and thermal imagery.

December 2014
The third consecutive holiday performance by Deborah Czeresko and Skitch Manion, and this time around the project was a giant blown-glass snowman. The music by Sunny and Gabe puts this video in the running for our best ever. The video was filmed and edited by official Friend-of-the-Studio Echard Wheeler.

November 2014
Alex Rosenberg on the glass, Gullface supplying the music.

October 2014
A glass artist who is also a magician. Seriously.

September 2014
Rube Goldberg experiments performed with hot glass.

August 2014
A Renaissance troubadour was the perfect accompaniment to a Python-esque attempt to find the Holy Grail in glass.

July 2014
Glass art and opera singers! Welcome to The Phantom of the Hotshop.

June 2014: The Church of DIY
Sam Geer combined glass art and wacky machines, and got musical help from Sharkophagus. More.

May 2014: The Illusion of Control
Joshua DeWall was the lead artist, caged in glass. More.

April 2014: Pyrographs
One of the prettiest videos, and one of the top artistic presentations in the entire series, involved the pyrographs of Etsuko Ichikawa. More.

March 2014: The Vernal Equinox
As narrated by Joshua DeWall, the Studio Assistants upheld Third Thursday traditions—such as setting things on fire and shattering glass on purpose—to the musical accompaniment of Daniel Neale. More.

February 2014: Lights! Camera! Action!
Hannah Kirkpatrick, a real Glass Studio stalwart, mixed glass art with projection techniques in a visually impressive evening that included music from two members of The Last Bison. More.

January 2014: Polyphony
Sarah Gilbert, in town as part of the Minkoff Foundation 4Front Residency, did the glass honors while the music was provided by the ODU Musicum Collegium. More.

December 2013: The World's Biggest Blown Glass Ornament
With music by DJP and MR. T, Deborah Czeresko and her team made a repeat appearance at the Studio, and repeated their success in creating a huge holiday ornament. Working with big glass creates big drama, and you can watch the video here.

November 2013: Machinations
With music by Ice Cream, Matt Szosz handled the glass art as performance art. Watch the Echard Wheeler video here.

October 2013: Untold Stories
The amazing one-man-band Phil Roebuck provided the musical backdrop to Christopher McElroy and glassblowers from colonial Jamestown. Watch the video here.

September 2013: More Than Meets the Eye
Just maybe our best-ever Third Wednesday, as our musicians—indie favorite Kishi Bashi with help from Tall Tall Trees—were bathed in visuals produced by the Glass Studio team. More.

August 2013: Litterers and Lifters
Glass trash artist Matt Eskuche worked the flame while The Pawn Shop Lifters rocked the house. More.

July 2013: The Great Turtle Migration
Music by a Richmond-based reggae band, Antero, and glass wizardry from Studio regular Grant Garmezy. More.

June 2013: Godzilla Goes to the Beach
Andrew Erdos as the glass artist, an electropop soundtrack from DJP and MrT, and as is often the case on Third Wednesdays, things going up in flames.

May 2013: The Mad Scientists
A two-part video, the first largely focusing on one-man-band Phil Roebuck, the second focusing on visiting artist Mark Zirpel.

April 2013: The Exquisite Corpse
In this exercise, under the direction of Laura McFie, three teams made different parts of a body without being able to see what the other teams were doing. It produced a lot of fun and an interesting result.

March 2013: Beth Lipman / The Feast
Lipman, our first artist in residence, created a conceptual art installation based on the life of a 19th century Norfolk resident, and also participated in a rollicking Third Wednesday event.

February 2013: The Parthenon
Toga party time at the Glass Studio, as Liesl Schubel orchestrated the creation of a classic Greek column out of glass.

January 2013: The Glass Theatre
A standing-room only start to the series with a performance evening powered by Kim Harty and Charlotte Potter. View video.