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Third Wednesday: Glass Art as Performance Art

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The Glass Theater

The Avant Garde in Three Acts

Using the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio as the stage, artists, writers, performers, and glassblowers came together for an avant garde theatrical performance co-directed by Kim Harty and Charlotte Potter.

Act I featured Driving Steam, an evening storm of light, sound, and vapor by Julia and Robin Rogers. Act II was an eerie musical improv between indie violinist Kishi Bashi jammed with glass instruments played with a blowtorch by South Korean artist Bohyun Yoon. Finally, Act III was a magical hot-cast-glass version of Pepper’s Ghost by artist Jocelyne Prince, complete with eerie background music from a theremin player .

For a video about this evening from AltDaily, click here. For a video look at Pepper's Ghost, click here. The video below highlights the collaboration between Kishi Bashi and Bohyun Yoon. For more photos from the evening, scroll down.

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