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Third Thursday at the Glass Studio

When it comes to our Third Thursday performance-art events, expect to see flames and fun. Shown above is Echard Wheeler's video tribute to January's Third Thursday performance.

Behind all the energy and fun was a plan.

Click image to enlarge.

On view during the performance, a water lens. The beautiful glass vessel took many gallons to fill and provided fun effects, as demonstrated by Hannah above. Click image to enlarge.

Flock the Optic, individually known as Liesl Schubel, David King, and Abram Deslauriers, presented a multimedia, performance-art event inspired by the wonder of migratory birds. Surrounded by music, and occasionally highlighted by dancing, three teams worked on the Hot Shop stage floor. Julia and Robin Rogers held down the flanks and created left and right wings to match the glass goose behind made on the center bench.

At the end, a big reveal. Thanks to copper mechanics inside the hot glass, the wings could flap. Add a round of applause, an accepted appeal for the audience to join in for the dancing finale, and another successful Third Thursday was in the books.