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Understanding Civics Through Art

In partnership with the Virginia Stage Company, the Chrysler Museum of Art is pleased to team with Chesapeake Public School to connect works of art to classroom learning on the theme of civics. The experience is designed to bring students to the Museum to participate in guided visits of the galleries, as well as to view performances by the Virginia Stage Company in the Museum’s Kaufman Theatre. Discussions include the role of citizen and government, art as a primary resource, interpreting objects, and fostering connections beyond the classroom.

In 2011, The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation generously provided funds to ensure that all Chesapeake sixth-grade students and teachers were given the opportunity to join in Understanding Civics Through Art. The information contained within this unit was originally designed as a poster, received by each student and teacher who participated in the program. Due to the success of the program, we offer Understanding Civics Through Art, both tour and collection information, to all our visitors. A PowerPoint presentation with Educator Notes accompanies this unit.

This program made possible by the generous support and collaboration with:
Virginia Stage CompanyCapital Group Companies Charitable Foundations

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