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Tour Topics

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The Chrysler Museum of Art offers tours with a number of different topics, including school tours linked to specific modules in the Virginia Standards of Learning. Tour topics include:

Meet the Museum
This tour is the perfect introduction to the Chrysler Museum’s collection of ancient art from around the world, American and European paintings and sculpture, and glass.

Ancient Worlds
Discover the civilizations of the Maya and Aztecs, the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans as well as the cultures of India and China. SOLs: WHI: 1-6, 11

Egypt and China
Learn about the contributions of two great ancient civilizations including writing, architecture, papyrus, silk, and more. SOLs: HIST2.1, HIST2.2, HIST2.3

Influences of Greece and Rome
Learn how the advances of the Greeks and Romans lasted for centuries and still impact our art, architecture, government and more. SOLs: HIST3.1, GEO3.4, ECON3.7, VISARTS3.15

Mythology in Art
Explore the myths of various cultures from the Greeks and Romans to the Chinese and Maya, as well as cultures of Africa. WHI.4-6

History and Science of Glass
Investigate history and science through the lens of glass. From the ancient Romans to modern artists, glass can teach us about art, technology, science and culture. SCI5.4, SCI6.4, PS2

Alphabet Tour
This program introduces young learners to great works of art by connecting words and images. SOLs: K.11, K.12, K.15

Elements of Art
Examine artists' use of line, shape, and color in two- and three-dimensional works of art. SOLs: AII.12, AII.13, AII.17, AII.26

American Art/American History
From the Colonial Era through the 20th century, learn about the history of the United States through the Chrysler’s collection of American Art. SOLs: VUS.5, VUS.6, VUS.8

To schedule a tour, click here. Tours are also available, by appointment, at our Historic Houses in downtown Norfolk.