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Visit Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for visitors presented in an easy, FAQ fashion.

Who gives tours?
Our trained tour guides (Docents) will develop your tour by selecting works of art related to the theme you’ve selected. Once groups arrive and are divided, they will be led by a Docent who will guide them in exploring works of art. You will not need to bring additional materials. Groups may see different works of art, but they will tour the selected location using the same theme. At the end of the visit, groups will return to the entrance where they started.

How many chaperones are needed?
We require one chaperone/teacher for every 10 students. To navigate our new locations comfortably, we must divide groups larger than 15. We ask that you do not pre-divide your groups. Our staff members will divide your group according to the number of guides available and size of the galleries. When you arrive, please help us to ensure that a chaperone accompanies each group.

What are the Museum rules?
For your safety and the safety of the art, we ask that teachers and chaperones remain with their group at all times. Works of art are more fragile than they appear; please remind your students that it is important not to touch. Flash photography is prohibited at some of our spaces, as some works of art are sensitive to light. Photographs are not permitted in some special exhibitions. School rules are also good rules for the Museum.

Can we bring food?
We suggest for teachers to please plan for your group(s)to eat on the bus before or after their visit or at your school.

Where do we park?
Buses should drop off and pick up their groups in front of the tour location. Drivers must carry cellphones and be reachable during/after tours.

What if we are late?
Please notify us in advance of your tour date if there are changes and/or you need to cancel by contacting Ruth Sanchez at or (757) 333-6269. If your group is running behind on the day of your tour, please let us know by calling (757) 333-6269 prior to 9:30 a.m. OR (757) 644-6200 after 9:30 a.m.

If you have any questions, changes, or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact Ruth Sanchez, Tour Coordinator for the Chrysler Museum of Art at