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The Museum is closed but our educational outreach continues! As the Museum undergoes a major renovation, tours of the main building will be on hold until spring of 2014, but there are still many opportunities to visit the Chrysler in a variety of locations. As always, guided tours are active and engaging for all ages, and you can visit us at the following locations:

Willoughby Baylor House featuring American Treasures
601 E. Freemason Street, Norfolk
See our new installation of American Art. The following tours are available:

  • American Art/American History
    From the Colonial Era through the 20th century, learn about the history of the United States through the Chrysler’s collection of American Art. SOLs: VUS.5, VUS.6, VUS.8
  • Elements of Art
    Examine artists' use of line, shape, and color in two- and three-dimensional works of art. SOLs: AII.12, AII.13, AII.17, AII.26
  • People and Places
    Learn how painters and sculptors capture the likenesses, clothing, settings, and expressions of the people around them. SOLs: AII.12, AII.13, AII.17, AII.26

Moses Myers House
323 E. Freemason Street, Norfolk
Tours of this early American home include:

  • The Myers Family
    Follow in the footsteps of Moses Myers, a prosperous Jewish merchant in Norfolk, and subsequent generations of the Myers family. SOLs: VS1, VS4, VSU1, VUS6, USI.1, USI.5
  • The Classical Tradition
    How do Greek architecture and Roman mythology fit into a Federal period American home? Learn how the love of all things classic shaped American art. HIST3.1, USI.1, VISARTS3.15
  • If These Walls Could Talk!
    Let the original architecture and its later additions take you on a tour through history from 1795 to the present day. SOLs: VS1, VS4, VSU1, VUS6, USI.1

Selden Arcade
208 E. Main Street, Norfolk

  • Will feature rotating exhibitions.

Glass Studio
745 Duke Street, Norfolk

  • Science of Glass Demonstration
    Watch our talented studio staff work with glass. Learn how this ancient art is made in a 21st century hot shop. SCI5.4, SCI6.4, PS2.

When can we visit?
In general, school tours are offered Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. until noon at all of our locations. Group tours of the Moses Myers and Willoughby Baylor Houses can also be arranged on weekends.
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Can’t come to the Museum’s locations?
We will come to you. The Chrysler Museum of Art can come to you with interactive SOL-based presentations on the following topics. Outreach presentations are free.

  • Egypt and China
    Learn about the contributions of two great ancient civilizations including writing, architecture, papyrus, silk, and more. SOLs: HIST2.1, HIST2.2, HIST2.3
  • Influences of Greece and Rome
    Learn how the advances of the Greeks and Romans lasted for centuries and still impact our art, architecture, government and more. SOLs: HIST3.1, GEO3.4, ECON3.7, VISARTS3.15
  • History and Science of Glass
    Investigate history and science through the lens of glass. From the ancient Romans to modern artists, glass can teach us about art, technology, science and culture. SCI5.4, SCI6.4, PS2
  • ABCs of Art
    This program introduces young learners to great works of art by connecting words and images. SOLs: K.11, K.12, K.15

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Don’t see a topic? With advanced notice, outreach presentations can be customized. Contact the Education Department at 757-333-6269 or