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Summer Internships at the Chrysler Museum

The Chrysler Museum of Art is proud to offer undergraduate students, graduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to explore museum work through special projects designed by members of the Chrysler staff. Internships in various departments are available to help familiarize students with careers in a museum field, help students understand how a museum operates and teach students how to relate this experience to academic and professional goals. Credit can be arranged with your college or university.

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When Are Internships Offered?

Eight weeks each summer
Summer 2017 applications have closed
Summer 2018 applications will open this winter

How to Apply

To apply for a Summer Internship, candidates should submit:

  • A cover letter stating:
    1. Your interest in an internship at the Chrysler Museum of Art
    2. Why this experience will help you achieve your career goals
    3. Which three departments are of interest to you and why, listed in order of preference
  • A letter of recommendation from faculty/previous employer/volunteer coordinator
  • A resume or curriculum vitae

Application materials cannot be returned.
Please do not send originals.


For more information, please contact Maegan Douglas, Public Programs Coordinator at or 757-333-6221.

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