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Donations of Art

The Chrysler accepts donations of art, but we have strict guidelines, protocols and procedures governing these matters. Works up for donation must be in the long-term best interests of our collection to be considered. Please read the details below before considering the donation of art.

How are objects collected?
All donations must be approved by an internal committee that includes the curator and director as well as other Chrysler staff members. Once object(s) are selected for acquisition, the curator prepares a written recommendation that is presented to another group called the Collections Committee.

This committee is comprised of a diverse group of board-designated people and staff members. The Collections Committee, which meets four times a year, gives the final recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees ultimately decides upon the acceptance of gifts.

What objects are collected?
The Chrysler Museum of Art has a collections policy that guides acquisition of objects.

Outstanding photograph of the Chrysler Building. Click to enlarge.

Nathan Benn, Photograph at Dusk of the Illuminated Tower of the Chrysler Building, 1988, chromogenic print. Click image to enlarge.

This item was a 2010 gift to the Museum by the artist. For other examples, see the bottom of the page.

First, the object must build on strengths we already have in the collection. Generally, we collect objects from the 19th and 20th century works in all media. It must not duplicate an object we already have, unless it is of higher quality and/or better condition.

Second, we prefer quality over quantity. The Chrysler acquires only the best. New additions to the collection must have a clear historical or aesthetic relationship to works already in the collection, adding significantly to understanding and appreciation of these works.

Do you have something that matches our collecting mission?
If so, please follow these steps:
1. Send pictures and information about the object(s) to
2. Curatorial assistant will review the object(s) with the appropriate curator.
3. If the curator is interested, you will be contacted by the curatorial assistant. An appointment will be scheduled to view the artwork.
4. After the curator confirms the object as meeting the collecting practices of the Museum, the registrar will contact you with a Deed of Gift form and make arrangements to ship the artwork to the Museum.
5. Acknowledgement of the Gift will be sent to the donor after the Collections Committee and Board of Trustee meeting.