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Come Join in Our Photo Booth Button Experiment

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Heres' the #ChryslerConnections story told in one image. At left, in the inset, is the final product, the button. In the middle, that's the button bin from which you'll pick. At right, they are taking the portrait shown in the button.

Visitors to Charlotte's Web in the Glass Projects Gallery (G. 118) are invited to join in a free, fun social experiment.

Since that installation by Charlotte Potter is all about connections (it's a map of Facebook friends done in glass cameos linked with fine chains) we are extending the social aspect beyond our gallery walls.

Faces of the Chrysler

Here's how it works. Opposite the curved wall with Potter's cameos is a photo booth where you can snap your own cameo-style picture. To tie into the spirit of Potter's work, post your portrait to social media, #ChryslerConnections.

But it gets better. Your portrait will be turned into a button. As you leave, you'll pick up somebody else's button. Somebody else will get yours. And that's where the fun begins.

Will you find your own button? Can you make a #ChryslerConnection? Even if you don't find your own button, you'll know the story when you spot a button at a restaurant or shop. You'll have the Chrysler in common, and a chance to spark a conversation. All you have to do to join the fun is come visit, strike a pose, and wear your button proudly.

Come join us for our Third Thursday button meetpup event on June 18 and see if you can find your own button. There will be live music, libations, etc., and for full details, click here.

Charlotte’s Web is on view through June 28. Admission is free, and so are the buttons.

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Our photo booth has captured some wonderful moments. Come make your own memory, your own #ChryslerConnection.