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A Little Help From Our Friends

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A Word of Thanks to the Collecting Community

By expanding our gallery space, we not only had room to show more artworks from our vaults, we had the opportunity to bring some of the best works of Coastal Virginia art collectors to a wider audience. Many graciously agreed when we requested pieces to make our reopening as special as possible.

Some loans are so extensive they are an exhibition all their own, as is the case with Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova: Selections from the Lisa and Dudley Anderson Collection. Other loans are just a piece here and there, a matter of a friend trusting a curator as to why a certain work would be just perfect in a certain spot.

Since some of these contributors want to remain anonymous, on the images below they all are anonymous. The selections shown are in no way a ranking of value or artistic importance; they are just a sample of the overall quality. We are grateful for every loaned item on view, and because of how well they are integrated with Chrysler collection works, most visitors won't even notice. Which is why we note them here. With thanks.

SHOWN ABOVE: Ann Wolff, Double Head #2, cast glass.